7 Indiscutible Signs That You Are A Good Wife, Even If Sometimes You Feel Otherwise

Have you ever felt like a failure as a wife? Read on and you will realize how truly you are a magnificent wife.

In 1955 “The Handbook for the Good Wife” was published, which included a list of 18 habits that every woman should cultivate to please her husband. The manual listed 18 actions such as waiting for him prepared and groomed when he returned home, arranging his pillow and offering to remove his shoes at bedtime, and not complaining if he stayed out one night.

Certainly, things have changed a lot since then. Now, both women and men share responsibilities and the service of women to men is no longer seen as the key to a good marriage.

In our times, it would be impossible to establish a single manual of characteristics that will automatically give you the title of “the good wife”, since we understand that all marriages have different dynamics and priorities.

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But there are certain basic characteristics that if you apply in your marriage, it means that, even if you sometimes feel otherwise, you are a wonderful wife, and your husband is very lucky to have you.

Here are some of them:

Your first person is plural

Automatically and without thinking, you include your husband in the ideas or plans you make. You realize that in various situations you are programmed to use “we” instead of “me.”

Dirty dishes can wait

If you are a homemaker, you understand how easily the obligations of home can consume our lives. But you know how to appreciate those magical moments in which you can spend an extra 10 minutes with your husband, and you decide that the dirty dishes can wait to stop you to do some spontaneous activity together.

You acknowledge and value the sacrifices he makes for you

As couples, we must never forget to recognize and value the efforts that the other makes for us, even when they are routine. You thank him for the extra hours he takes at work, the time he spends with the children, or the minimal things like taking out the trash. For him, your recognition is invaluable to feel loved, and you know it!

You know how to agree to disagree

Being a good wife does not mean that you should accept everything your husband thinks or says, on the contrary. When you do not agree with your husband in a situation, you are honest and let him know your point of view, but you do it with respect and not in a confrontational way. In return, he knows that he can always expect honesty from you, and he values ​​it, even if it means that your opinions do not agree with his.

You are part of his family and friends

You are one more daughter of your mother-in-law and one more sister of your brothers-in-law. You view their family as an extension of yours and treat their friends as your own.

DO NOT blind eyes to their mistakes

You are not an enabling part of your husband’s mistakes. If he makes bad decisions or struggles with a vice, you help him overcome it. He is an extension of you, and you understand that you must be an active part in his personal improvement, just as he should be in yours.

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You love him DESPITE his flaws

The love you feel for your husband does not mean that you like absolutely everything about him. Certainly, there are things you want me to do differently. But you have decided to love him despite them. Because you choose your battles and you know that although there is no perfect human being, he is perfect for you, even with his small flaws.

How many of these signs do you identify with? What other characteristics do you think define a good wife? Let us know in the comments!

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