7 Clues To Know If He Really Loves You

If you don’t know if your partner really loves you, here are seven clues that can help you find out.

In love relationships, the question sometimes comes up: “Do you really love me?” This is one of the most frequent questions that women ask themselves. It is, to a large extent, a communication problem, because not all men are usually clear and some do not dare to express in words what they feel, or they try, but they cannot express it clearly. However, you can always detect if they really say what they feel or if they at least mean it. Everything is a matter of paying close attention. For this I invite you to continue reading the following key points to know if your partner truly feels love when he says: “I love you.”

1. Respect

He tells you how much he loves you when he respects your limits, when he listens carefully to what you say, when he accompanies you to a meeting with your family, when he is living with your friends, when he gives you your place everywhere and with all people, when their eyes do not seek another silhouette.

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2. Admiration

If he shows admiration for you as a person, for what you do, say and are, it is a good sign. This demonstration should not only be verbal and in one go. It shouldn’t be continuous either, but it should often tell you in detail, a question, an acknowledgment, a smile, a look …

3. Trust in you

It doesn’t matter who you date or where you go, he knows you and trusts you. Even on those days when you are very busy and have thousands of occupations that prevent you from seeing it. No matter what they may say to him, he loves you and that’s enough, it’s everything.

4. Interest in you

A man who wants to tell you how much he loves you is interested in everything you do and what happens to you; will be with you in your yearnings to stimulate you, in your worries to support you, in your projects to drive you, in your dreams to accompany you when you make them come true or in your failures to share your pain, but at the same time to offer you his shoulder so that you cry and give you those words of encouragement that keep you going.

5. Happiness

When someone really loves you, look for a way to make you happy. If you find yourself with problems or worries, he is capable of inventing a thousand and one crazy things in order to steal a smile from you and make sure that in your moment with him there is no room for anything other than happiness.

6. Details

The most obvious way in which he can tell you how much he cares about you is through the details that can range from the simplest to the most ostentatious: a sweet, a letter, a gift, a: “Good morning”, or: ” I missed you”. “I dreamed of you.” Any message that can express her love for you.

7. Looks

As the article I quote below says, studies indicate that the gaze changes when one loves. So the eyes are a perfect ally to be able to know what their feelings say, the sweet, tender look, with that sparkle in the eyes that only occurs with the person you love or even that look that makes you without you noticing , the one that you discover when you are looking at a place and out of nowhere you turn to see it and discover that I was already seeing you before.

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So now you know. It may be that your husband or boyfriend is not very expressive, but it is very likely that with one or more of these seven points she is saying, full of love: “I love you.”

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