7 Aspects To Consider If Your Child Is Very Anxious

If your child is very anxious, here are seven aspects that will help you deal with his anxiety and strengthen the bond between you.

Children are precious and I consider that life without them would not be the same. However, it must be recognized that there are special conditions in some children that make their care, upbringing and education a little more delicate than that of others. However, you should know that this does not make it impossible to give them a happy and peaceful life.

One of these special conditions that some children live with is anxiety. I know what it is to deal with an anxious child, I know it first hand and I can assure you that you have the ability to help someone who suffers from this condition. That is why here are some points that you should keep in mind to help your anxious child handle this situation.

1. Provide security

Your figure as a father, mother or guardian is important, so it is crucial that you turn to him when he looks for you asking for your help. Take care of his immediate needs and guarantee your presence in his life, let him know that you will be there for him, when he needs you.

Praising your child will give him security

2. Reduce stressful situations

If any change creates stress in adults, imagine what situations like this can cause in a child! Bring him closer to new events or changes gradually. For example, if you are going to go on a trip, inform her in advance of the plans and in the same way with everything that involves a change in her daily life.

Simple recommendations so that your child does not stress

3. Keep him away from video games

It is a fact that these manage to alter the mood and attention of children. If your little one is used to playing daily, try to change that habit and do it every two days and in an extraordinary way, when he does not have to go to school or do any other extra-curricular activity. Remember that whenever he plays, he must do so under your supervision.

4. Establish routines for eating and sleeping

Children love sweets, however, it is a fact that excessive consumption alters the metabolism and makes them be more active than usual, a situation that is exacerbated if it is a child with anxiety. For this reason, it is important that after mid-afternoon or when it is time to sleep, you do not give him sweets or drinks that contain sugar; This in order for you and your little one to sleep well. You can also implement a hot water bath, a glass of warm milk and a relaxing massage; This will make your little one calm down and sleep peacefully.

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5. Talk to him about his fears

Talking about the things that bother you, your fears and fears will help you release tension and strengthen the bonds of trust between you.

6. Help him deal with his insecurities

Slowly encourage him to face his fears. Tell him about your fears and how you have overcome them, set yourself as an example to follow and he will imitate you. You will see how he will break down barriers and become more independent. On every little achievement, congratulate him on his goals, but be careful not to force him to do something he doesn’t want to – that will only increase his anxiety.

7. Give unconditional love

Keep in mind that feeling anxious is not something he does on purpose, so you need a lot of patience to guide him and show him that, as difficult as it can be to deal with those feelings, his family accepts and loves him. Letting him know this will go a long way toward strengthening his self-esteem, so it’s important that you show his affection and that you enjoy spending time in his company. Embrace it and be proud of it.

Love and support for children, should it be unconditional?

Your child is special, full of qualities that make him different, but no less capable or happy for that. Your role is to accompany him and share time with him. If you consider it necessary, seek the guidance of a therapist to guide you on the best way to deal with your child’s anxiety and make his life even more fulfilling than it is now.

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