6 Ways To Say “thank You!” To Your Parents

Sometimes it is difficult to value the effort our mothers make to give us everything we need, especially when we are little, but as we grow older we understand what they have done and why.

I remember that when I was little, more than I am now, I suffered a lot for not having my mother with me at all times. My mother worked, and many times I did not see her all day and she had to be under the care of my grandmother. I came to think that he did not love me, that he avoided being with me because he did not like me or even that he regretted having me as a daughter.

Some time later I realized that I was wrong, my mother did love me, a lot. Every day she would get up at 6 in the morning to go to work and then leave work to run to class until 11 at night. When I found out, everything began to be clearer, that’s why I only saw her asleep, the effort she was making for me was not natural, she was sleeping fewer hours than necessary and her body was “counting on her.”

Today, that I am a mother, I realize how little I valued her when I was a child. I do not justify my actions and I believe that more than one of us has seen only half of the landscape. And although sometimes we let years go by without thanking our parents, take heart, all is not lost! Here are some tips to thank your parents for their dedication.

1. Don’t get tired of saying: “I love you”

We all like to hear how much we are loved and our parents are no exception to the rule. Telling them and showing them our appreciation, affection and love for them is one of the many ways to thank them for what they have done for us.

2. Don’t stop showing gratitude

We assume that what they give us is what they “should give us”, which is why we often ignore this precious and important phrase. Saying thank you is a critical part of letting our parents know how important they are.

3. Let them know that you are proud of them

Express your gratitude to your parents by emphasizing their achievements, how well they have done, everything they have given you and you have achieved thanks to them. Put aside mistakes, because they are lessons that life gives us to be better. Parents always want to give us more than they had and that is why their sacrifice is so great.

4. From time to time, give them a surprise gift

It doesn’t have to be a car, a house, or a trip to the Caribbean. Sometimes small details that say “I love you” and make them smile are enough. Remember that when you were younger maybe you got second place and your mom bought you an ice cream to cheer you up, now it’s your turn to cheer him up.

5. Be generous with your time

If there is something that money cannot buy, it is time, being by their side, accompanying them, allowing them to continue being part of your life even if they are no longer as active as before, although now you have to go find them and leave them home or they stay asleep while the others talk.

6. Don’t ask them for changes

They may not be the most technological or the friendliest of the bunch, but they are your parents. Love them as they are and respect them for what they represent, do not try to change them because you will only get dislikes, arguments and lose time that you could take advantage of with them.

As the saying goes, “Done, sweetheart”: let’s put the past behind us, but it’s always a good time to make a change. If you were not the best son or the best daughter in the world, you still have time to show and thank your parents for what they have given you, they are the ones who have paved the way to make our walk easier. Enjoy them more and criticize them less, because when they are gone you will regret what you have not done.

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