6 Ways To Make A Woman Happy (especially For Men Who Have No Idea Of What They Are Doing)

It is not as complicated as you think; If you want to make your wife happy, this is the secret: follow these 6 steps, they are practically universal.

Women are branded with a bad reputation that we are too complicated. On this subject jokes are made, stereotypes are created and we are judged practically universally, all with the same measure. Do we really deserve this complicated label or are we being unfairly rated?

If you are a man trying to make your woman happy, but you have no idea where to start, the first thing to know is that a woman who feels loved will rarely be happy.

It is my opinion that women are not really complicated, but rather different. It seems to me that the differences between the genders are the cause of the confusion and communication difficulties that we sometimes suffer from. These differences are greatest when it comes to the emotional psychology of a man and a woman.

According to studies, from an evolutionary point of view, the possibility that the two genders evolved with the same emotional psychology is practically zero. In other words, it is impossible. Understanding these differences – some very notable, such as the fact that women tend to be more sensitive to their emotions than men – is vitally important to maintaining productive relationships. In fact, many books have been written to help couples recognize these differences and improve their relationships, one of the most widely recognized is Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus . If both men and women made an effort to understand our emotional differences, we would save ourselves a lot of headaches and the occasional unnecessary stereotype.

Now, if you are a man who believed that your woman was very complicated and you feel lost when showing her that you love her, first it is to begin to know how she works emotionally. Then, I have these 6 suggestions for you, which are practically universal actions to make a woman feel loved and, therefore, happy.

1. Surprise her

All women like to be surprised. You can do it with details, actions, plans, whatever you can think of, but do something for her or for her, without her expecting it. Do not dedicate surprises only for special occasions: do it spontaneously, in the middle of the week and at the least anticipated moments.

2. Have fun with her

Take your wife seriously, but don’t be serious with her. Laugh together, have a good time. Don’t let monotony paralyze your relationship, don’t allow boredom in any way. Think of it this way: imagine your best friend, with whom you always go out to have fun, surely he does not question your friendship since he knows that they always have a good time when they get together. Give that security to your woman: have fun with him and he will feel safe in their relationship.

3. Appreciate it

Most of us women are hardwired to do more for others than we do for ourselves. This perhaps is a virtue, however, it can wear us down or make us feel extremely frustrated if we feel that our efforts are undervalued. Appreciating what your woman does for you will not only make her feel loved and happy, but will also work for you. There is a famous phrase that says “A person who feels appreciated will always give more than is expected of her.”

4. Open up your feelings

Women want to know their partners emotionally. By nature, we want to nurture, nurture, and protect emotionally. As a man you must learn to be vulnerable towards her and not always display a strong “macho” image that doesn’t need anyone. Let her know what you are inside, what makes you nervous, what excites you, what makes you passionate or what terrifies you. In the same way, allow him to trust his feelings in you and offer your support and understanding, even when it is difficult for you to understand him.

5. Give it priority

Make her number one on your priority list. Of course, this must be reciprocal in a relationship. Create time for her when she needs you and show her with facts that your relationship is the most important thing in your life.

6. Lastly (and of course) tell her that you love her

Expressing your love in words is necessary. Do it uncensored and specify all the little details you love about her. If you love her face, tell her. If you love her personality or her sense of humor, express it.

Now you are ready; I assure you that if you follow these tips she will be the happiest woman in the world and with her you, the happiest of all.

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