6 Ways To Destroy Your Parents

Parental love is unique and special, there is no other like it. Don’t destroy their love and trust even if they are capable of always forgiving you.

The love of parents for their children is unconditional, it is given without receiving anything in return and you only want them to grow up happy, achieve their goals and enjoy living life. It is not easy to be parents, since there are many responsibilities and obligations that fall on the couple and despite all the years invested of effort and sacrifice for the children, sometimes they do not understand and value each action, as a father would expect.

How many times have you judged your parents? Do you actually have good communication with them? How many times did you challenge them for defending your ideals? It has happened to most of us (myself included), having differences with our parents, especially in adolescence. However, when you grow up and start your own family, the lessons that parents taught us are better understood.

While it is true that it is human to make mistakes, keep in mind that if you make any of the following mistakes, you could end up hurting your parents.

1. Don’t be grateful

One hope that many parents have is that when they reach old age, their children will take charge of their care in the illness, that they will help them financially and that they will not be left alone or abandoned in any nursing home.

I know that when you form your own family, the responsibilities are many and one always has to look out for her well-being. However, when you still have the blessing of having your parents alive, you should learn to be grateful and, as much as possible, help them to live a peaceful old age.

There are many ways to be present even in the distance, so remember to maintain communication with them. You only live once, value everything they did for you and continue to offer your children as great grandparents.

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2. Being immersed in activities that destroy you

If vices, of any kind, were far from you and you never knew them from your parents, it is a great example and teaching of life. One way to destroy parents is for them to see you immersed and uncontrolled in any type of vice or activity that harms you. No parent is happy watching a child slowly destroy himself.

3. Lying, lying and lying

You may lie to the people around you, including yourself, but when it comes to lying to parents, you can’t imagine the damage you do to them, as you damage their confidence and disappoint them. Even if they are the only ones capable of forgiving you from the heart, you will be playing with their feelings and emotions. All lies destroy and cause terrible consequences, it will always be better to speak the truth or keep secrets, rather than tell lies.

4. Family rivalry

Rivalry and competition sometimes appear between siblings, despite the fact that parents always gave them the same education and values. In some families, siblings live with resentment, hatred and pride, not thinking that by behaving in this way they are destroying their parents. There are siblings who are capable of fighting inheritances even when the parents are still alive.

5. When you are not an example to your own family

All the values ​​that your parents taught you were lost when you started your own family, and you are ultimately not a good husband and father. Responsibilities and obligations scare you, so you do not assume your commitments in a mature way. There is nothing sadder for parents than realizing that their children are totally different from what they tried to teach them.

6. You are not able to be happy

Your parents gave you the necessary foundations and tools for you to be happy, but despite this, you feel incapable of making your own decisions and becoming independent. You live in deep sadness, to the point of experiencing psychological ailments such as depression, suicidal ideas, bulimia, anorexia, etc. Some young people go through this situation without taking into account the help they can receive from their parents.

Do not destroy your parents with these behaviors, show them that you are a person who loves them unconditionally and that you are capable of applying their good teachings and values ​​to yourself, as well as to your own family. The love for parents is irreplaceable and unique!

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