6 Vitamins That Enrich Our Being

An enriched inner life is synonymous with transcendent life. A being that does not enrich his interior plunges into existential anguish, which cannot sow a path that is worth traveling. Enrich your life with these six vitamins.

Today we live in a world that appeals to consumption to fill the existential void in people. More and more people are “filled” with things believing that with having the latest generation of cell phones or tablets , or any electronic object, they will be a better person or they will be looked at or accepted among their group of friends, in the work environment and in any circle in which it operates. In this way we live in a confusion of values, where no one, or very few people, try to enrich themselves inside, giving meaning to their lives.

We all have dreams, aspirations and goals and we want to achieve them; However, we should ask ourselves if in this quest to achieve an ideal we are not getting lost on the path that leads us to transcendence. This does not mean that we should stop doing things or having or material goods, but rather to reflect on what benefits will it bring me, or the members of my family? Will this move us away or bring us closer as a family? Will it favor me Only me or will it make me a better person to help others? Does it contribute to my spiritual wealth?

The desire to have goods is not bad in itself, but can divert us from the look of the eternal and the rewarding. The path that enriches the being can be hard, painful or difficult to travel, but it reveals that if we continue despite the obstacles, our being will be transformed, and it will allow us to see ourselves and discover ourselves as human beings capable of searching for meaning. that goes beyond things that break or stop working.

The path that leads us to being always leads us to things that endure beyond death. Can a new version of iPhone fill our lives more than the smile of our children? Or, can it be more than the hug of that friend who was attentive to our pain and with her visit, our spirits have already changed? Is it worth less a family sunset than a tablet ? These are some of the questions that we could ask ourselves more often before thinking of filling ourselves with things and activities.

A person who is mature, authentic and healthy is not one who is self-centered, but is also always interested in those around him and the world, whether through service or some act of love. In this sense, let me share with you some vitamins that enrich our being:

Of creativity

Together with your loved ones, make a list of those things that are a priority in your life and fill you with happiness; concrete, each week, at least two of them. Make a billboard or cardboard and place it in your office, or in the place where you spend more hours a day, with a phrase or image that reminds you of your emotional treasures; for example, a photograph of your children playing in the garden, with the phrase “Today is a special day to hug them.”

Of the interpellation

Ask yourself, before buying something new or wanting to fill yourself with activities outside your home, what will I be like from this? Will it help me on my way to the eternal?

Of meditation

Upon awakening, spend five minutes each day meditating, read a scripture or inspirational thought and imitate cows, ride it, savor it, and feel like eternity begins here and now.

From contact with nature

Open a window wherever you are, look at the landscape around you; If nothing in the landscape is natural, look for a way to have a small garden still in pots or at lunchtime go for a walk and observe the color of the leaves of the trees, breathe softly and deeply and say to yourself: “Thanks for this minute of infinite mercy ”. When you get home, tell your family the shades of green that you have discovered, or the beauty of the breeze on your face.

Of the mirror

Commit yourself to your being, look in the mirror every day and love that person in front of you, because they are unique, unrepeatable, irreplaceable, and, above all, they have talents to discover; no object or activity can be worth more than it.

Of the delivery

Love, dream, give yourself to a cause; serve, give of you, you do not need money for it; open a door, smile at a sick child, caress the hand of an old woman, walk a neighbor’s pet, accompany your friend to the doctor or simply stay next to someone who needs you. Have you done the cleaning of your attic, your garage or your closet? There is always an object that another needs, repair it if necessary or wrap it in a nice paper and leave it at the house of someone who you know needs it without saying that it was you. We all always have something to give.

A life that is not enriched is a poor and empty life. Filling our being is an arduous path, but it saves us from being unhappy. We all have a mission in life, and feeding our being is part of it; Leaving a path with our footprints can have an unimaginable scope and it is worth developing and nurturing our inner being, to live a satisfying and transcendent life.

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