6 Tips To Have A Happy Marriage After “throwing Yourself Away”

“Aventarse a lo Borras” means to act recklessly, hastily, without reflecting. In this article I suggest how to lead a happy married life, even if one has started “a lo Borras”.

In Mexico, thanks to a television program from the late 60s called “Los Beverly de Peralvillo” there was a phrase that became popular: “Aventarse a lo Borras. The phrase amuses me and indicates that a person acted with the maximum of recklessness, that is, without measuring in any way the possible consequences of what he was doing: “Borras” was the main character in this series, he was a taxi driver and he handled it in such an absent-minded way that he frequently had events due to his carelessness, that’s where the phrase comes from.

Now why am I telling you this? A few days ago a dear friend told her boyfriend (she proposed, in fact) that it was time to get married, since they have already been dating for seven years and they weren’t “throwing themselves away” since they already knew each other well.

Ouch! I thought. Yes, I went “to the Borras.”

I have known my husband for almost two years. Soon I will be my first year of marriage, I can presume that we love each other a lot and that is why we made that decision, but what accelerated the big step was my baby. Indeed: three months after the engagement was formalized, we got the biggest prize: Pregnancy! Our most natural decision was to get married.

Seeing my husband with a mature attitude, despite being younger than me, made me fall more in love with him and I knew that he was the right person for me.

I had already been married, and in my first relationship we had four years of dating and four more of married, so I already had experience in terms of having a partner. However, I had already been alone for seven years (I clarify, I married and divorced very young). Starting again to live with a life partner was difficult, I have lived totally different situations from the first time: love, maturity and the desire to be together are so different from what I lived before, that like him, I recognize myself as a newcomer to all this adventure!

I am aware that my husband and I are starting, however I am happy because I see myself in the future with him, even so there is a long way to go, and why not? A little scary since we went on the adventure of marriage with so little time to get to know each other but yes, we really wanted to give the baby a stable family and eager to stay together until it was time to leave. What is the point of this story? What advice could I give you?

Give yourself a second chance

If, like me, you’ve been alone for many years, don’t keep all the doors closed. Always leave a window open where new possibilities of meeting other people can peer out.

Enjoy the experience of being in love

What I love most about this experience is their desire to be together. Love is usually one of the engines, one of the most powerful motivations in this life.

Commit thoroughly

If you’ve given yourself a second chance, don’t give yourself the luxury of failing. Commit yourself thoroughly. With this commitment we have enough to put the kilos of energy on it and make it go well.

It is in unity that we find strength

to be able to overcome the difficulties of the day to day. Always seek to be one in purpose and will with your partner.

Know your partner, and love the good in him

Not for nothing does the saying go: keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and when you get married, keep them narrowed ”. As you get to know yourself thoroughly, discipline yourself to look only for the good in him.


There will always be disagreements and disagreements, but we both seek to understand each other, communicate and get the best of ourselves. That is the oil that makes all social machinery work properly.

In my case, those are the points that give life to our relationship. I hope that, if they have served you, you can share them with whoever needs them.

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