6 Tips For Success According To Blahnik, The Millionaire Shoemaker

Advice from Manolo Blahnik, a millionaire who made his fortune in the shoe industry.

Manolo Blahnik is a Spaniard who, since 1972, decided to undertake and believe in his own idea. More than 40 years later, Blahnik is a successful billionaire who likes to have fun in interviews, but he is also a man of conviction as he has not allowed anyone to alter the creative process in the production of his shoe brand.

Blahnik has a philosophy that he says can help you achieve financial success, and since I prefer to listen to those who have something to say, we are going to review what Mr. Blahnik suggests.

6 tips for financial success according to Blahnik, the millionaire shoemaker:

1. Cleanliness and neatness in the way you dress

Blahnik says he loves seeing people dressed formally, they catch his eye and he finds that they project a successful image more easily.

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2. You have to review everything you do, at least twice

The millionaire shoemaker explains that when he started his business, the designs were spectacular but that the women struggled with the soles for some loose nails. The recommendation is: not to “hitchhike” things and check them as often as necessary.

3. Do not take things as life and death, you have to have fun

I completely agree with this man who has a fortune valued at 200 million dollars. If you do not do something that you are fun or passionate about, then it is much safer that at some point the routine ends up generating stress and stress, in addition to boring you, completely devours your will to live.

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4. Curiosity to the max

Ask, investigate, do not remain in doubt about something. One of the lessons that I keep most from my school years was when I heard “there are no stupid questions, it is stupider who doesn’t ask.” Looking for different answers or methods can lead you to develop a unique style.

5. Keep walking despite falls

Blahnik says that his business has gone through very complicated stages in which he lost a lot of money because of decisions he made. The important thing is to be able to put mistakes behind and keep moving forward regardless of the weather.

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6. Never give up your style

According to Blahnik, what he does is not necessarily “fad.” An idea comes to him and if he likes it then he does it. I understand that this is complex when you depend on other people, however, your style or way of doing things can evolve and consolidate if it is done little by little. There will come a time when you will be around you as you want it, but without the need to be invasive.

As I have already mentioned in other installments, financial success does not necessarily mean having 200 million dollars in your account (which of course would be welcome), but you do have to work to be able to obtain financial support that allows you to enjoy things truly important things in life.

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