6 Things Your Children Should Do Before Going To Sleep To Achieve A Comfortable Sleep

If you are concerned that your children are not resting properly and you do not know how to help them get a deep and comforting sleep, I invite you to read the following points.

Sleeping, like eating, is one of the essential activities for your children to have a healthy growth. As children, their bodies and minds need a truly comforting and prolonged rest so that, in this way, they can work at their maximum power. Cultivating in them the habit of resting and relaxing deeply while they sleep will be one of the best life lessons you can give them.

Now, as you already know, every good habit requires discipline and self-control to develop. And getting your children into the habit of “good sleep or comforting rest” will not be the exception.

While it is true that sleeping a certain number of hours is relevant for your little ones to rest and recover the energy expended during the day, it is also true that there are other factors that intervene in this process.

So, if you are interested in knowing how your children can achieve a comfortable sleep at night, I invite you to read the following 6 things that they must necessarily do before going to sleep.

1. Have a light dinner three hours before going to bed

Eating light and low-sugar foods will prepare your little ones so that, at bedtime, they don’t feel too full and active to go to bed. Likewise, eating some fruit, salad or cereal, at least three hours before bedtime, will allow each and every one of your organs, including the brain and stomach, to rest at the same time.

2. Bathing

Taking a bath before going to sleep will help your children’s bodies to relax to the maximum and thus they can rest deeply. In particular, if it is a tub bath, you can add some lettuce leaves to the water, which will undoubtedly have a calming effect on those little ones who have insomnia problems or difficulty sleeping.

3. Get your homework done

Although they do not tell you, the fact of leaving their homework pending is a factor that does not allow them to rest peacefully. When registering in their brains that they have not completed their duties, it is difficult for them to rest with the serenity necessary for the body to take up the spent energies.

Therefore, there is nothing better that you can teach them than, to leave ready not only their homework, but their uniforms, school supplies, shoes and other things that they will need the next day.

4. Drink water two hours before going to bed

Like food, it is important that you teach your children the importance of consuming enough water a couple of hours before going to sleep. In this way, your body will stay hydrated – during sleep hours – but it will not be interrupted by the need to go to the bathroom.

Drinking some hot infusions will ultimately help your little ones’ bodies enter the most convenient state of relaxation to achieve a comforting rest.

5. Read instead of watching TV or playing video games

If you really want your children to rest in an ideal way at night, it is best that, minutes before going to sleep, you take the time to read to them or have them read a book that they like. As absurd as it may seem, this simple but meaningful activity will help calm your nervous system and relax your brain and body functions.

6. Leave out of your room all electronic devices that may surround you

At present, it has been proven that the waves emitted by devices such as cell phones, computers and other electronic devices, have a negative effect on the human body. Specifically, when sleeping, these devices produce effects of wear and tear and lack of energy in the people who keep them around them. Hence the importance of keeping these types of devices away from the rooms where your children rest as much as possible. If you do, you will really notice the results.

Finally, don’t forget that loving your little ones also entails teaching them the importance of having a healthy and restful life today, tomorrow and always.

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