6 Things You Can Avoid So As Not To Hurt Your Partner

Learn to avoid them at all costs.

Life as a couple is a fantastic adventure, it is loving without conditions and giving everything you can to make the person you love happy. However, it is not always happiness, there are also difficult experiences to overcome that have to be overcome as a couple in order to achieve success.

We all make mistakes and no one is perfect, but some of them can cause the couple to lose interest over the years, such as:

  1. Criticize instead of helping

You must changeā€¦! Why do you always act that way ?! You always leave your clothes on the floor! Many of these statements or criticisms are those that generate conflicts in couples. It may be due to habit, monotony or a different type of education, the problem is to criticize the partner instead of helping them.

You can talk to your husband when something is not right, but when you do it in a negative way and as a complaint, he is likely to gradually lose interest in you. Therefore, you must learn to communicate with him in order to help him and be willing to ask for and accept help.

    2. Thinking about the past 

Avoid bringing past mistakes to your present, as overthinking will detract from quality time in your current relationship. For example: talking about past mistakes after forgiving each other. Remember that the past does not change and that there is a great future full of happiness for which you must work.

   3. Lack of romanticism 

It is normal that over the years, relationships as a couple change. For example: men can put aside romantic details because they are focused on fulfilling their family responsibilities. While it is true that romanticism should not be completely neglected, some women try to force their husbands to do such romantic details.

Love is not something that should be forced, much less force, by doing so the relationship is likely to fail. To avoid this you must take the initiative and be romantic. My grandmother always told me, “Treat people the way you want them to treat you.”

     4. Comparisons

Nobody likes to be compared, so avoid hurting your partner by making comparisons with your ex-loves, friends or family. Remember that we are all different and that it is an unfair way to tell your partner something that bothers you about him. It is better to open a dialogue with sincerity, respect and love.

   5. Complaints and more complaints

I’m tired! We need money! The children misbehaved! I have a lot of work! These are some examples of which women usually complain, however, you should know that it is not healthy for the relationship, since when you do it constantly it can cause your partner to be disappointed and interpret that you are not happy with him.

6. Different goals

All couples when they start a marriage usually share the same goals, dreams and desires, but with the passage of time they change. The mistake is found in going down different paths, fighting for different interests that will not unite the couple. Therefore, it is important that together they establish new goals and that they are short-term so that they can easily reach them.

Successful and solid marriages are formed when there is love, respect and communication, avoid making mistakes and choose to express yourself with love, sincerity and humility in order to be happy.



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