6 Things That You Should Not Overlook In Your Children, Or You Will Regret It

Please don’t overlook these attitudes on the part of your children.

Raising is one of the most complicated things to do in life and although each parent has their own way of educating and teaching their children what is allowed and what is not, you need to know that there are 6 situations that you should not miss. bypass whatever way you have chosen to educate:

Interrupt conversations

Surely many times you have noticed that while you are talking on the phone or in the middle of a conversation with someone, your child begins to express his desire to talk to you and makes even the most incredible attempts to get your attention.

Well, this behavior does not teach you to be considerate, much less respectful with others. So to avoid the situation, it is best to teach him that while a conversation is being held, it should either be interrupted unless it is something of vital importance. So the next time you are about to make a call or visit someone, give your child an activity to do or bring him a toy that may interest him to keep his attention focused on it.

Play rough

Dismissing the aggressive actions that your child may have, can send the wrong message and show him that hurting others is acceptable or totally normal for adults and this is NOT the case.

«If you do not intervene at 8 years of age, rude behavior can become an established habit. In addition to transmitting the message that hurting people is something acceptable », declared Michele Borba, doctor in education to the portal serpadres.com

To prevent these episodes from recurring, then it is best to approach your child and ask him privately how he would have felt if the situation was the other way around. Before taking him to play with someone, remind him not to play roughly.

ignore you

If you give a command and your little one seems definitely deaf, then it’s time to stop and pay attention to this attitude. Well, in one way or another, he is showing him that he is the one who has control over the situation, disavowing you.

The best way to face this situation is to stop what you are doing, approach your child and look him in the eye, so that it is clear that he is receiving an order that he should not ignore.

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Challenging attitudes

These types of attitudes do not appear when pre-adolescence arrives, it arrives many years before, when when entering school young children begin to imitate the attitudes of the older ones. And while it may be quite funny at first, it won’t be at 15 years old.

Some often think that this is a passing phase, but it is these kinds of things that create disrespectful adults.

The important thing is to stay alert to any type of situation that may cause a behavior to become a habit that in adulthood can come to pass the bill for being classified as someone disrespectful or unkind to their peers.

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