6 Things That Hurt Your Man That You Surely Don’t Know

If you are the type of woman who believes that men do not suffer or have great disappointments in their life, then you should read this article.

It has long been believed that men, being considered the “stronger sex,” do not feel pain or frustration in the same way as women. This idea can be reinforced by the concept that, physiologically, it is much more difficult for them to express their suffering and seek relief as we do, with crying.

It is not that they do not feel, nor that it does not hurt. It is that around them there are years of taboo and social repression that repeat to them in a whisper, from the time they are small, things like: “Crying is for girls” or “Little women are the only ones who cry.” But, even if they insist a lot on being strong and pretend they don’t suffer, it does hurt. Here I will reveal six situations that hurt men and that perhaps you did not know.

1. Samples you don’t need

Many men often say that they are attracted to independent women. Many may be telling the truth, but a part of them panic and anxious that a woman becomes so independent that she does not need them at all and does not even have their presence to fix the plumbing of a dishwasher.

The solution is simple: be independent in the right measure, but make him feel that you need him. That or instead he may go looking for someone who does need him the way he thinks he deserves it.

2. You overlook events that are important to him.

It is possible that at some point he has forgotten something important to you, like your birthday or anniversary. It is possible that he has some excuse – for you not very credible – for the reason for his forgetfulness. However, the situation will get heavy if you are the one who overlooks something important to him.

The truth is that both situations, both forgetting him and yours are clear messages that something is wrong in the relationship, because when you truly love your partner, you do your best to remember those details. You can choose to put a simple solution and avoid forgetting by placing reminders of important things in common and visible places for both of you.

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3. You ignore him

It is not very common for a woman to overlook her partner in front of her friends or family, but it can happen. If it happens to you, you may be taking a wrong step in your relationship. Don’t forget that you should treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not offend your husband that way because the message you are sending is that he does not care much about you.

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4. You make him feel bad about him.

Let him give you a kiss and say: «Wow! “Bad breath you have” is fatal to your knight’s self-esteem. I repeat, not all are affected but some do, and with these men the best thing you can do is be prudent and tactful in letting them know that they are missing some oral hygiene or whatever it is you want to express to them.

As before, if you know that you may feel bad because it tells you that you are overweight, it works the same with him. The best thing for both of you is to cultivate respect from the very beginning of the relationship and there will be few problems in this regard.

5. You are offensive and you don’t apologize

Every relationship has altercations and sometimes both parties can get offended. If you are the one who ends up offending you and knowingly you do not apologize for what you did, you are going to win more problems than you had.

Neither you nor he deserves mistreatment. Verbal or physical abuse in any of its versions is reprehensible. If they are respected from the beginning, it is likely that the situation will not arise and you will have to apologize for minor situations.

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6. You make him feel like a failure

Any man who feels that he cannot support his family due to his financial ruin or loss of his job, will fall into anguish and despair because he does not know how he is going to do to get out of that situation.

Don’t “put salt on the wound” by criticizing him or pressuring him to get another job. Instead, speak out from the beginning about scheduled savings to prevent or be prepared for events like these, and have some patience, talk and find solutions.

If you cultivate respect from the courtship in your relationship, surely the marital problems that hurt both one and the other will be minor and easily solved.

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