6 Things Men Always Misunderstand About Women No Matter How Hard We Try To Make Them Understand Us

Although women think that the messages they convey to their partner are correct, men sometimes misinterpret them. Watch out! Avoid unnecessary conflict in your relationship.

Sometimes women try to express our feelings, ideas and emotions, thinking that men can understand us. Why not? If they live and spend the most time by our side. It is taken for granted that they perfectly know the language of women, being the same, literally speaking.

However, even if we speak the same language, many times it seems that they do not understand the meanings and intentions that women say when expressing ourselves, generating misinterpretations and worse still conflicts.

For example:

1. Say “I love you” accompanied by a kiss

Women are very given to expressing their feelings with sweet, affectionate and tender phrases, with the intention of showing love and interest to the couple. Which does not mean that we want privacy when saying them. Usually, some men, most of the time, think about having some kind of intimate closeness, so they are capable of misinterpreting such actions.

2. Have you already eaten? Did you take money?

It is not about the couple seeing in their wife a living reflection of their mother, by asking her every day, Did you take a coat? Don’t forget lunch! We do it to show concern, interest and care; it is something natural and very frequent that such questions and phrases are made.

Some men tend to misinterpret these questions, since in doing so they feel like 6-year-olds, to which they must remind them of some things; they believe that women do not understand that they are sufficiently adult and responsible for their care.

3. Ask them How do I look? Am I fat?

They are very common questions asked of the couple. The woman says them to reaffirm their self-esteem, security and confidence, as well as to know if they still feel the desire and passion that they showed a few years ago. The opinion of the couple is always essential.

Men do not like these questions, because they project a total insecurity and lack of self-love, they can even misinterpret the true intention. Remember that men love their women with their strengths and weaknesses.

4. “Take a pill and the pain will go away”

Women generally have a higher pain threshold than men. Has it ever happened to you that your partner gets sick with a cold and thinks they are dying? Women always act for the welfare of the family, they are already freed from scares and fears when it comes to a disease that can be controlled, so it is generally suggested to take or apply any medicine or ointment to calm their discomfort.

That does not mean they do not take care of the health of the couple, it is only practicality. Men tend to misinterpret this action, thinking that their wife has no interest in taking him to the doctor, much less for his health care.

5. Say “I feel stressed”

It is normal for women to feel stressed, tired from the multiple responsibilities of caring for the family and sometimes working at the same time. Saying this phrase is a moment of relief and achieve an understanding on the part of the couple, so that at some point they come to appreciate all the effort that is made. Normally, it is expressed to the couple by being the confidant and friend who can understand and comfort.

Some men misinterpret that phrase, they think that their wife has already given up on achieving her dreams or goals; Or it may happen that they believe that their wife is about to give up everything and abandon her obligations.

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6. “Love, tomorrow you have to get up early”

Some men look like owls and lie awake late at night with the television on. It is a way to distract yourself and enjoy your moment of rest. However, sometimes women remind them (myself included) that the next day they have to work and get up early, it is said with the intention so that they understand that they need to rest to replenish their energies.

This action is often misinterpreted, they may come to think that you do not enjoy lying in bed sharing moments of relaxation, or quite the opposite, that you are very unfair and do not let them rest in their own way.

There are many phrases, actions and behaviors that they still do not understand why women say or do them. When women are in a certain phase of our menstrual cycle, we usually change our state of mind and that is when conflicts arise, just because hormones do their job.

Mens! Try to understand your women and the true intentions of their actions. If it is not clear to you, contact us and clarify your doubts about it. Avoid assuming and creating false stories that harm the relationship.

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