6 Steps To Manage And Control Unwarranted Jealousy

Human relationships, by nature, tend to be super complicated and when it comes to a couple there is a “ghost” that always haunts everyone without exception and this is jealousy

Human relationships, by nature, tend to be super complicated and when it comes to a couple there is a “ghost” that always haunts everyone without exception and this is jealousy, some people know how to handle it and live quietly with it, but there are others those who because of what they have lived in the past or the way they have been brought up, find it difficult to deal with them.

The worst thing about all this is that there are times when this jealousy for your partner is completely unjustified (that is, the other person has not given reasons for you to feel this) and yet, you constantly distrust your boyfriend or husband. If you are one of those people, the first thing we should say to you is waters! Because you yourself could be the cause of destroying your relationship, and also, we suggest that you take into account these six recommendations so that you can take the party in peace.

1 try to understand yourself

There are times when jealousy can be confused with anger, envy or resentment towards your partner and that must be worked in other ways. So the first thing to do is to examine your conscience and try to understand what you are feeling; If it’s jealousy, then you have to take action to end it.

2.Accept that you have a problem

Although it seems a cliché, it is a fact that psychology experts always establish that the first way to “beat” any problem is by acknowledging and accepting that you have it. If you do, you will have a large part on your side because from that point on Now you can start working on it to overcome it in the near future.

3. Talk it over with someone you trust

Tell someone you trust what you feel and how you see things so that they can give you a much more impartial opinion of what is happening, a good tip is to be someone who knows both so that they have a better vision and tell you if what you are feeling is really worth it or if you just have to calm down.

4) try to occupy yourself with other things

They say that “leisure is the mother of bad thoughts” if you spend a lot of time at home your mind will surely do “wonders” inventing a million stories that will hardly be true, that is why it will be much better for you to apply yourself and look for activities that keep your mind occupied and those bad thoughts are more easily removed.

5. tell your partner how you feel

Try to tell your partner what you feel and how you feel about it, surely that if he knows it and loves you, he will explain how he sees things and that it will be better so that your relationship can continue to move forward and be successful. . Remember, this is not at a time when they are angry or arguing, all with great calm and patience.

6 seek professional help

If you have already tried all of the above and you see that they have not given very good results because it is still there, then it is time to channel it with a professional. A therapist can give you the keys to help you “deal with” this situation, don’t forget that the only thing that has no solution in this life is death, everything else can be overcome!

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