6 Signs That You Live With A Monster Man Of Control

Identify these seven signs that you are living with a control freak man. Recover your love relationship and your self-esteem

A popular saying that you have probably heard millions of times is that “love is blind.” Love is a feeling that is acquired from childhood and that changes as we interact with other people and have loving experiences. Not all people have the same concept of what it is to love; Many times a person can be believed to love unconditionally when they are jealous, controlling and possessive.

How many times have you heard, “My husband is jealous, which shows that he loves me”

Some women live in eternal suffering when they live with fear and pain in their hearts, they are not able to identify some signals that their partner performs, which destroys them little by little, simply because love is blind and they cannot see the defects of the loved one.

Fortunately, there are ways to identify those signs that can change your love relationship without having to think about a separation or divorce. Remember, when a couple loves each other, they are capable of changing some behaviors to achieve a good coexistence. Many times the attitudes that your man performs, are not always with the intention of hurting you, therefore, you must communicate and leave the fear to express your feelings.

How do you know if your man is a control freak?

1. He never asks for your opinion

It is the first way to identify when a man is controlling, he will never ask your opinion or let you make decisions. It can be a macho attitude to believe that because he is the man of the house he is responsible for the well-being of the family, so he prefers to take the reins in all life situations. He believes that he is always right in everything, he knows everything and is never wrong.

However, it is essential that you intervene in expressing your feelings, ideas and solutions. The success of couples is based on communication. Remember that you are free and capable of making important decisions that include the future of your family.

2. You want to know everything you do in the day

It can be confused with love. All couples communicate all the time, to show their affection. However, when the man is a control monster, you can identify him when he makes frequent calls, he will want to know and know exactly what you do, believing himself the owner of your time and your life.

He will not have peace of mind, he will not be able to bear the idea of ​​not knowing where you are, what you are doing, who you are talking with, etc. It is a sign when, he wants to know your passwords in your social networks, he will check your cell phone invading your privacy and freedom.

3. It makes you jealous scenes

Sometimes it is good to be jealous of the partner to show love. However, when your man is controlling, it will be typical that he will make a scene in public, to the degree of ridicule and hurt you. There will always be arguments because he will feel cheated, even if you don’t give him any reason.

It generally prohibits you from having friendships and associating with people of the opposite sex. She will never trust you, despite showing your love.

4. Control your finances

I agree that in these times couples must know how to save and manage their money to live and provide stability to the family. When the man limits expenses and controls the entire financial matter without the woman intervening, to the extent of verifying the purchase tickets, it is a sign that you are with a controlling person.

5. Criticizes you negatively

For not wanting to lose control of your person, he will always make negative criticisms to make you feel bad, from the way you dress, act, talk, cook, etc. They are unable to recognize your qualities and virtues, as long as you are under their control.

Sometimes he will try to convince you that you have been unfaithful, he will be able to blackmail you and reproach you for past mistakes.

6. It is justified

Everything I do is for love. He tries to hide his lack of self-love, his insecurity and confidence, by making you believe that his bad behaviors are out of love, that he only wants to protect and care for you.

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These signs are alarming, no woman should be the object of another person. If you want to rebuild your love relationship, you must first work with yourself, with your self-esteem, security and confidence; You must learn to detach yourself from a person in order to be happy. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a specialist, they are the ones to help you recover and restore your relationship.

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