6 Reasons Why A Man Becomes A Bad Husband

The complaints of women about their husbands are almost always the same: that they do not listen, they do not help, that they do not understand them … If you are interested in continuing to be a good husband, do not make these mistakes and the relationship will always go smoothly. .

The complaints of women about their husbands are almost always the same: that they do not listen, that they do not help at home, that they do not understand them … Sometimes there is a lot of reason in their complaints, and if you are interested in continuing to be a good husband As you have been up to now, don’t make these six mistakes (or if you already make them, stop doing it right now), and so your relationship will always go smoothly:

1. You turn a deaf ear

“You don’t listen” is the number one complaint from wives, and women in general, around the world. It is true that women talk a lot, it is an innate characteristic; But it is also true that there are some men who pay little attention to their women when they speak. Make the effort and listen when she wants to tell you something, it can be important. Women like to be heard, and that is why they take refuge in their friends or the women in their family. Put your shoulder even if you do not have a solution to contribute, for her it is very important and for you it will be very good, because you will strengthen the relationship with your wife.

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2. You turn the job around

Even if you work all day outside the home and she is at home with the children, that does not give you the right to leave the towel lying down, the breakfast cup on the table or the jug you just took out of the refrigerator table. You can also take care a few times during the week to accompany your children to brush their teeth and take them to bed. Keep in mind that small gestures make a difference.

Your wife, whether she works outside or inside the home, deserves your respect and consideration. He works side by side with her to keep the ship afloat that is that great family they have. Do not leave her alone with household chores, show interest in things that also concern you and you will see how you surprise her and she remains happy and satisfied.

3. You lost your gallantry

Most women like handsome men. If you conquered her with your knighthood skills, you don’t have to lose them over the years. Keep feeding the llama with compliments (compliments), special care, good treatment and, above all, being very affectionate towards her. A hug and an “I love you” at the end of the day is often all the remedy a woman needs to feel better and to alleviate her fatigue from the whole day.

4. You ride on your four and humiliate her

When a man humiliates a woman, he is showing his weaker side. On an economic level, for example, if you earn more than she does or if she doesn’t work, don’t tell her “You don’t understand, because you don’t bring the money home.” That is an act of baseness towards the woman with whom you decided to share your life. Of course she understands, and whatever the treatment they have, both contribute their part to the marriage partnership and both parties are important.

5. You don’t take care of the children

Being a good husband means, for many women, being a good father. It’s not just about playing with the kids for a while when you get home from work. It’s about meddling in parenting. Know what clothes they wear to sleep, what food is their favorite, what games they prefer, and so on. Many women complain that their husbands easily lose their patience and that they don’t want to get too busy with the “hard” part of parenting. Take charge, come on, you can do it.

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6. Don’t please her

Your wife would love to receive her favorite chocolate from time to time, or a small present that indicates that you have been thinking about her. It is not about the material, but the gesture that this implies. Pleasing your wife in privacy is also a good husband. Listen to his body and unleash your passion by listening to his desires as well.

To be a good husband is to be a good person. Marriage is not an easy task and it is about giving in, pulling and loosening, in order to keep a good relationship afloat despite the years. Do not forget that you chose her as the woman of your life, honor her and maintain a fluid communication so that they can cope with misunderstandings.

And you, are you a good husband?

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