6 Phrases You Should Never Say To Your Partner

Sincerity can sometimes play tricks, and if you don’t want to get away from your partner, don’t say things without thinking and meditating. Be careful what you say !: six phrases you should never say to your partner.

Many people have trouble holding our tongue when we are arguing. However, over time I have learned that there are some phrases that are best avoided when having an argument with our partner. These are some:

“You never change.” Nobody likes to be exposed to their defects, that is why it is better that if something bothers you about your partner, say it directly and taking special care in the way you do it. Try to put yourself in the place of the other, thinking how you would receive the words that are about to come out of your mouth, and then speak.

“Do what you want”. For no one is a mystery that men and women speak differently, so we can interpret what the other means in a wrong way. For example, for women to say “Do what you want” means the opposite. So, if you don’t want your partner to do things that annoy you, it is better to forget this phrase.

“Your family or me”

Couple love is very different from parental love, we all know that; But there are times when some people feel threatened by the presence of close relatives of their partner. What you should keep in mind is that not because your partner shares a day with her family or attends an event and seems to have a lot of fun talking with people she does not frequent often, does it mean that there are leftovers or that you are too many in her life.

«You are so changed»

People mature, grow and change many attitudes, after all the purpose of life is for us to improve ourselves more and more. You need not be afraid to accept those changes; on the contrary, enjoy getting to know the person you chose and who you have seen grow over time.

“Sometimes I think the best thing is that we end our relationship”

It is not even valid to use this phrase to give a little scare or lesson to our partner, because we only managed to start putting unnecessary distance, which is very difficult to get rid of later.

“You never listen to me”

This, apart from being unlikely unless our partner has a serious hearing problem, only manages to victimize whoever says it. We all have problems that overwhelm us. Possibly it has ever been difficult for you to remember what they have said to you, but that does not mean that you care little or that you are not interested at all.

Over time I have learned that empathy is one of the most beautiful virtues that a human being can possess: wondering what you would feel when hearing some of these phrases will make you wonder twice if it is necessary to hurt the one you love unconditionally.

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