6 Original Ways To Tell Him You Love Him

Don’t wait to celebrate a wedding or grooms anniversary to tell him that you love him. I share these simple and fun ideas to express your feelings.

Love is a feeling that all people hope to experience, sooner or later, we all look for someone who is by our side for life, who is an accomplice and companion in adventures, someone with whom to achieve our dreams and goals and most importantly. love us with all our strengths and weaknesses. As we are!

Love arrives without warning and without looking for it, it is as if destiny had for each one of us that perfect person who will fill our soul and heart. There is no better motivation and incentive than feeling in love to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve dreams.

For that reason, it is important to keep the flame of love alive at all times and to be happy with that person. That is why I recommend you express your feelings with these original ideas that will make your relationship an unforgettable experience.

1. Use social networks

An original and fun way to tell him that you love him is by making a love letter with emoticons, one of the favorite activities of many is to see memes in our free time, so I recommend you make a letter with only emojis, without the need for write words.

You can send it by WhatsApp or by Facebook, so that it deciphers the love message. It will surely be entertaining and fun.

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2. Make a digital collage

When people are in love, we usually take thousands of photos of every moment that we live next to our love. So it’s time to download any collage app to make one, from the time you met until today. You can print it and write a small dedication or you can share it on the Facebook or Instagram wall.

3. Organize a day of memories

Surely there are several places that have many memories of when they met, that park where they used to walk, the restaurant where the first date was, the cinema where they saw their first movie together, the place where they went fishing, among others. It is time to remember, so take a full day to visit those places where they had unforgettable experiences and at the end end with a romantic dinner under the light of the stars.

4. Surprise date

It is normal that your partner has many responsibilities and that it is impossible to see you or spend quality time with you, especially if they have children. So plan a getaway and send him an Uber or any transportation to pick him up after his work and take him to your surprise date. It can be in a romantic place or a restaurant to dine quietly enjoying your love.

5. Basket with sweets

You can prepare a basket decorated with flowers and hearts, inside it add the sweets that you like the most, heart chocolates, potatoes, chocolates, peanuts, raisins, nuts etc. Take her to her work and ask a colleague or person from her workplace to do you the favor of giving it to her as a surprise. Do not forget to put a little note of love. Rest assured that she will very much enjoy her surprise and will remember you every time she eats any candy.

6. A pet

Giving a pet to your partner is an original way to express your love, you can adopt a dog or cat, or if you do not have space and time for their special care, buy a fish tank and goldfish, turtles or hamster. Pets are special beings that provide constant love and joy. Also, remember that you can give a home to that pet that needs it.

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Live your love to the fullest, remember that the little details feed and strengthen the relationship. It is not necessary to buy many gifts, with creativity you can tell him that you love him.

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