6 Keys To Curbing Anxiety To Eat

If you cannot curb the instinct to eat at all times and it is bringing unwanted consequences to your health and your body, follow these tips:

You open the refrigerator every so often. Snack any cookie or snack that comes your way between meals. Your body asks you for something sweet. Or you just can’t stop thinking about dinner time. Probably if you have identified with these facts it is because you are suffering from “emotional appetite.” If you are eating out of pure anxiety, this article can be of great help.

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As a first measure, it is essential to discern when we feed ourselves out of necessity and when we do so due to other factors such as boredom, stress, joy, frustration, sadness, etc. It is interesting to do the exercise of rethinking whether you yourself can identify if it is an emotional appetite or if you have simply been left hungry: are you looking for food at all times? Does it satisfy you or do you feel guilty after eating? Do you eat when you feel a negative emotion? Do you eat something in particular or does any food calm your anxiety?

If you cannot curb the instinct to eat at all times and it is bringing unwanted consequences to your health and your body, follow these tips:

Listen to your body

if you are really hungry you will probably feel a revolution in your stomach. But remember; Maybe you ate less than an hour ago so there is no need to spoon into that delicious jam in the fridge. Save it for snack time. Learn to recognize if it is a real appetite or just something emotional.

Do not take refuge in food

If you are going through a bad time, or if you have had a bad day, or simply if you are stressed, do not seek refuge in food. Try to comfort yourself with other things, a good walk, read a good book, talk with a friend. Open the door and breathe fresh air and you will find other paths more interesting than the path to the refrigerator.

Stop buying junk food

If in a moment of anxiety you open the cupboard and find those tasty cheese-flavored snacks or those cookies with chocolate filling, it is difficult not to be tempted. Perhaps, if you open the cupboard and find sugar-free cereals or open the refrigerator and find fruits and healthy food, you will realize that it is only anxiety that you feel because eating those foods probably does not appeal to you. On the other hand, when the appetite is true, even a lettuce leaf appears to us as the richest delicacy.

Choose nutritious snacks with fiber

If between meals you eat cookies, which are carbohydrates, this will generate even more appetite after a few minutes, since it will make you want to eat more. If you choose fruits and cereals without sugar as a snack, or a cup of tea with milk, for example, this will satisfy you more and will keep you longer without anxiety about eating.

Maintain good eating habits

Respect the times of meals and snacks so as not to arrive with an unbridled appetite. Eat well and nutritiously and don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Accompany your good habits with a weekly exercise routine. This will help not only your body but also your self-esteem and you will not fall so easily into temptation.

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Always have water and sugar-free gum on hand

Sometimes you can confuse hunger with thirst. If you recently had lunch and are already tempted by those chocolates that you keep in the fridge, drink a glass of water and chew a gum, preferably mint flavor. This will help a lot to lower the level of anxiety.

If even so, you continue with that irrepressible desire to eat something delicious, do not hold back; treat yourself once in a while. The key is that eating for anxiety does not become habitual and you can handle it. Relaxing and achieving a calmer life can help us overcome anxiety eating disorder, in this case, teas and infusions can help a lot. With willpower and desire for a healthy life you can achieve it. And you, how do you stop your anxiety to eat?

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