6 Habits That Will Make You Happier When You Wake Up In The Morning

Practicing them daily will make our life change completely. Do you dare?

There are many things in life that are worth striving for. We wish every day to be able to feel good, energetic, with a clear mind to be good at work, enjoy family life, social life and our own personal time.

We seek personal satisfaction in many areas of life. We want to feel good and be happy despite some things, that as part of life, are not so favorable. In fact, we always wish we could be content, happy and full to enjoy what we do every day.  

It’s funny that, as people, we take courses and train ourselves to be successful in all these areas of our lives. But have you ever thought that the answer to a successful and balanced life lies in a few habits?

The quality of your habits determines the quality of your sleep

Forming a habit is not that simple. It requires effort on our part. It also requires discipline and perseverance so that this habit is truly part of our being. The most incredible thing is that if we want to acquire habits that will make us happier when we wake up each morning, we must be ready to work hard on them. John Dryden said: “First we make our habits, then our habits make us”

Practice your bedtime habits to wake up happy

We share 6 keys to develop habits that help you before going to sleep to wake up happier and be more productive in everything you undertake each day.

1 Before you go to sleep, allow yourself to be human

When night comes, things come to mind that we reproach ourselves with. Accept your negative emotions as well as your positive ones. Accept those things that you did not do so well but that, by identifying them, you can work on them and do them better. By accepting and discovering these gaps; be patient and compassionate with yourself .  

We all make mistakes, and the beauty of that is that by always accepting them you can identify and correct them. Also congratulate yourself on the successes of the day and put a smile on your face for it.

In the magazine Very interesting We learn: “Thanks to laughter we are able to banish our fears and worries, which are what usually assail us at night when what we try to do is sleep peacefully.

2 Acknowledge your mistakes

Recognizing that we are not perfect is important and valuable. It gives us the possibility of knowing that there is always room to learn better ways of doing things. The important thing to recognize is that it is the first step that will lead you to true and lasting change. Recognizing gives us the option of being honest and sincere with ourselves and that gives us peace and well-being.Making mistakes is not a negative thing; doing nothing about it is.

3 Make an action plan

Having a simple plan after acknowledging the not-so-positive parts of your day will help you sleep more peacefully. You will not be tormented by the idea of ​​the negative but will focus you on how to modify and improve what failed. Outline something simple and sleep easy. M im prove every day  is a long process and can say that will not happen overnight.  

4 You want to be better

Just wanting it will help you lay a solid foundation for it. But this is only the basis of dreams achieved. Of course, desire coupled with action is what will make you successful . Every night before sleeping you can always wish to be better.

In this way, you will mentalize every day that you can continue to be an imperfect human being but with the desire in your heart to be better. That single wish will give you the momentum to put one foot in front of the other every day.

5 Write down your ideas before bed

Write or empty your ideas on a sheet of paper or a small notebook by the side of your bed to appease your internal dialogue. We always have many ideas and sometimes constant thoughts do not let us sleep. But if you let them out, you will rest more easily and you will not forget them, since they will be registered.

6 Find purpose in what you do

Meditate, thank, forgive and pray. Cast your spirit into this liberating channel before sleeping. This calm that these 4 actions will give you, has no comparison. Peace of mind provides powerful restful sleep both mentally and physically. 

Of course, there are simple things that also help you wake up the next day more rested. For example, waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day, reducing the light in your room and not having electronic devices nearby are the right keys to wake up happy and energetic.  

Along with the benefits, these habits will make you feel good about yourself and have a clear conscience. You will also find peace of mind by setting simple goals to polish the small negative facts that have arisen in the daily. 

Get the peace and rest that God can provide

You will rest better by releasing yourself, forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and being grateful. You will wake up happy and full of courage as you find purpose in all these habits that you will put into practice. And as John Dryden said, we first form habits and then they form us and make us who we are now.

I love what we also learn from the wise Solomon in the Bible, in Psalms 4: 8 “In peace I will lie down, and likewise I will sleep, because only you, O Jehovah, make me live with confidence.” What a powerful statement to know!  

You will become what you practice in your life

We can do our best to follow these keys and put these habits into practice before bed. When we wake up we will be happier, full of energy, and peace of heart. How comforting to know that we can enjoy that Peace that only God can bring.

Courage to honor, cultivate and acquire good habitsbefore going to sleep. Remember that you will be what you practice and implement in your life. Decide to implement the described habits and you will reap happiness and peace. I know you will notice the difference and others too. Before sleeping, get into action.

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