6 Aspects That Make You Less Attractive When It Comes To Socializing

Yes, taking care of your appearance is very good, but also keep in mind that these 6 aspects can work against you when it comes to relating to others.

To win people’s sympathy, you don’t have to be a Miss Universe beauty; that’s a fact. However, a pleasant appearance helps a lot when it comes to relating to others, because it gives you a certain degree of confidence in yourself.

But watch out, when I say “nice looking” I don’t mean to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in their younger years at all. With that appreciation, what I mean is to be healthy in every possible way.

A nice appearance implies not only being healthy and attractive – which is not the same as being a Hollywood beauty; it has more to do with being in good physical condition, as well as enjoying and transmitting peace of mind, and having a genuine and happy attitude towards life.

As you can see, being attractive has nothing to do with winning the genetic lottery; Rather, it means being equal parts kind, beautiful, and healthy person. With the above in mind, below you will find aspects of your personality, attitude and appearance that make you less attractive to others.

1 A lazy attitude

Regarding this, I have an anecdote to tell you. Just out of college, I got a job that certainly gave me green gray hair. My boss was terribly bad-tempered and was always yelling, to the point that I became very lazy to go to work; this was reflected in a state of constant weariness and boredom. Of course, I received several reprimands for my attitude, which, I admit, was not the best I could have in a public-facing job.

Over time I understood that my attitude was not the best, and that this generated rejection from others. And indeed, that is what happens. Laziness is unattractive and makes other people uncomfortable and unwilling to be around you.

If you do not like something and it generates such a rejection that you are lazy even to think about it, act and change the situation so that it does not play against you, letting you see yourself as an irresponsible person.

2 not sleeping well

The appearance of a person who does not rest well every night is sickly. Dark circles, exhausted face, hunched body and – why not say it – decay and a lot of discouragement to fulfill their day to day.

Not sleep well It can be due to stress, illness, an uncomfortable bed, a stuffy room, or even bad sleep habits. Not only does not sleeping properly make you look tired, it also influences the attraction you exert on others.

In relation to this, a study in which researchers took photographs of people who they slept 8 hours a night and compared it to photos taken of people who did not sleep for 31 hours. These photographs were shown to various participants and they were asked to rate the subjects in different areas. The results concluded that the photos of people who had not slept for 31 hours turned out to give the impression of being less healthy, sadder and less attractive.

3 Stress

Nowadays it is very common to hear people complain of typical stress complaints. Illnesses such as ulcers, insomnia, headaches, colitis, and more are generated by high levels of cortisol, a hormone that generates stress and is the cause of even heart attacks.

A  study From the year 2013,which consisted of having a group of men rate a group of women by their physical appearance, determined that those who were stressed were less attractive to those men. Interestingly, the researchers pointed out that the reason for this is possibly because low cortisol levels indicate health and fertility, traits that are attractive to people looking for a mate.

4 Being effusive in excess

Regarding this I have another anecdote. I used to follow a Spanish youtuber who really liked her good vibes; however, I long ago stopped watching her videos. The reason?: Her good vibes, the one that infected me before, rose to exasperating levels. The woman in question laughed too much, screamed a lot and was very effusive, to a point that seemed hypocritical and exaggerated. The result was that I was so annoyed that it made me feel uncomfortable.

Up to a point, for a person to be happy and confident is not a bad thing at all; on the contrary, it can be very attractive, but in the right measure, being exaggerated sometimes generates repulsion.

Ato investigation 2011, where more than a thousand people participated, who were shown photos of people of the opposite sex, asking them to rate their attraction levels towards them, determined that women prefer men who do not look very happy. The reason is that they interpret optimism and excessive joy as vanity, and even pride. In the case of men, they prefer women who are not very sure of them, because for them it is synonymous with arrogance.

5 A bitter and complaining attitude

If you always have a “bitter” face, you are going to run people off. Nobody wants someone who always responds poorly to a question or invitation and is unkind and unkind. It works the same for people who constantly complain about “their misfortunes.”

6 Being dishonest

Another relevant aspect is dishonesty. Perhaps this is more difficult to detect with the naked eye, but already entered a friendship or love relationship with someone who only knows how to cheat or lie, because the result is that you get tired sooner or later.

It may be that at first an expert in deception is successful, but this does not usually last long and after a while that person ends up driving everyone around him away because no one supports someone with bad intentions.

It’s not that you have to go through life trying to be perfect, you don’t; But if what you want is that people have a good esteem and attract people of the same vibe, then the solution is to be authentic and genuine. You must strive to be happy and balanced in fair measure and you will achieve whatever you set your mind to.

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