5 Ways You Are Unfaithful To Your Partner

Without wanting to, you may be being unfaithful to your partner. Discover how men and women have an affair without it being explicit.

Infidelity is a ghost that haunts many couples. “With you until the end of the world” is a phrase that we promise ourselves but that we do not always fulfill. And even though we think that infidelity is cheating, there are other ways you are being unfaithful to your partner and you probably don’t even realize it.

The most “open mind” will say that monogamy is unnatural, and the most conservative that it is the only correct decision. The truth is that we live in a society where the commitment to the other is blurred more and more every day, breaking our wills and lightening the weight of guilt.

You can be unfaithful without knowing it

Not everything happens through the bed. To be unfaithful It does not always mean sleeping with another person, but that many times you are unfaithful when you involve your feelings without even having physical contact, or when you prioritize another person, or your work or your hobby before your marriage.

Marriage in society is the amalgamation of families, and for this reason we must try to take care of it, feed it and preserve it. When we neglect this wonderful bond that we have with the other, we are giving rise to suspicions, misunderstandings and unnecessary friction.

Without trying, you may be being unfaithful to your husband or your wife. Do you want to know how?

1 Thinking of another person

Suddenly, that individual who turns your life 180 degrees comes into your life. You begin to realize that it intrudes on your thoughts and you fantasize about the idea of ​​feeling its presence again.

It is not that you are falling in love or that you think about having an affair, in fact the idea scares you. You just find yourself thinking about that person too much. Comparisons can then begin and lead to a bigger problem with your partner.

Sometimes this happens when there are problems in the marriage or when routine does its thing. If you begin to see failures in your partner that you did not see before and someone else begins to occupy your thoughts, you are being unfaithful.

2 Speaking badly about your partner behind their back

Infidelity does not always occur with the person of the opposite sex. Sometimes that betrayal occurs when you speak ill of your husband or wife to someone else, which may be a friend, a neighbor, or someone from work.

“You don’t have to take your clothes out in the sun”my grandmother said. Sometimes the anger and rage of the moment causes us to say ugly and hurtful things behind our partner’s back, and hopefully it can fall on kind ears; but other times our criticism can feed our negative feelings by finding someone who instead of helping us, urges us to continue criticizing.

You can talk to someone very close about your problems, of course; In fact, that’s what friends are for, but be careful who you trust with the most intimate relationship problems, because not only are you being unfaithful in that way, but you are putting your relationship in check.

3 Being too permissive with people of the opposite sex

Maybe you are one of those hyper nice people, who everyone likes, but you must know how to put a brake on people of the opposite sex if you do not want to make your partner feel bad. 

Women who hug their friends or co-workers from behind, or who climb on their legs doing a joke “innocent”; men who grab their girlfriends by the waist or make ironic or risque comments, etc. Examples there are many. And this is yet another form of infidelity, even if you don’t want to believe it.

4 Being dishonest with your partner

Honesty is a fundamental key in a strong and lasting bond. Being honest with the other implies trusting him and knowing that he will understand and help us if we need it. But also, that honesty is with yourself, feeling safe and complete with the relationship you have.

The distance that is generated in a couple when they keep secrets from each other or omit important things for the bond, is so great that it can destroy the relationship. Don’t trust that a white lie won’t make a dent in your marriage. Choose righteousness, truth and trust, for dishonesty will always lead you to the path of infidelity.

5 Putting your marriage last

We live in a time where we are always on the run: being the best father or mother, having the best job, earning more than your partner, having the best physique, having the smartest child in the class. And in the maelstrom we forget to cultivate that little plant that is marriage, which is withering due to lack of care.

You are being unfaithful when your marriage is the last thing on your list. When your partner needs you but you don’t want to miss that outing with friends, that gym event, or that urgent business trip.

Sometimes you need to put a brake on. The only thing we will take away from this life are the relationships we have cultivated and the love of the people who have loved us. Therefore, focus on that wonderful dream you have had of forming the marriage you have today, and do not neglect it.

As you will see, being unfaithful is much more than a matter of skin, and involves many actions that we sometimes downplay. And you Are you loyal to your partner?

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