5 Ways To Rekindle Your Intimate Relationships

For some women it is essential to have many intimate encounters with the couple to ensure happiness in their marriage, but in order not to fall into the routine I leave you these tips

Over the years, intimate relationships in marriage become boring, they fall into monotony and sometimes they are even rare. This causes the relationship to be seriously affected, jeopardizing the aspirations they have as a couple to be a long-lasting and stable marriage.

Perhaps you have wondered how many times a couple must be intimate to be happy? In an investigation, Dr. Harry Fisch, explains that the amount is not essential, but the true dedication that there is in each encounter with the couple; In addition, the frequency varies with age and years of relationship.

The study showed interesting quantities such as having intimate encounters an average of three times a week, but this does not imply that if your relationship is below the number, you are going to have or have problems, what is crucial to observe is the quality, the delivery, affection and love when you have intimacy.

However, the amount does not guarantee success, because other factors make up a marriage such as: respect, trust, love and commitment, among others.

A common mistake that some marriages make is to count and schedule the meetings with the couple, without realizing that it harms their relationship because the delivery is not complete, and it can be perceived as an obligation and fall into an annoying and harmful routine.

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The important thing is how to make your intimate encounters unforgettable and not how often they have them. So take note of these five ways to rekindle your marital intimacy:

1. Never book. Surprise!

We all love surprises and more when it comes to pleasing the person you love. A romantic dinner with candles and music, watering rose petals on the bed, watching a romantic movie together, dressing in some pajamas that you both like, that will make a difference in every intimate encounter.

2. The massages

There are many essences of oils that you can buy in any self-service store to relieve fatigue or any muscle discomfort. Massages are ideal for pampering the couple after a long day at work.

3. Imagination ahead

If you are used to having your husband always start the intimate moment, it is time for you to take the initiative: change the hours you usually have and surprise him, plan a meeting outside the home and spend the night together.

4. Send messages

It is normal to send a message of love and affection to the couple at any time of the day, but now your messages will have a double intention such as: “Love, I am anxious for you to kiss me for a long time”, “I want you to arrive home to hug you,I remember a lot the kiss you gave me in the morning before you left for work, I want to repeat it.

5. Take some time with your partner

Plan a walk near your city and enjoy the moment getting to know towns and recreational places; go fishing, do some physical activity such as biking, visiting museums, cooking, spending a day watching movies and pampering each other; all this rekindles love and strengthens the union.

It is important to create enjoyable moments with your husband and rekindle intimacy, avoid falling into monotony and make an effort so that his love is strengthened.

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