5 Very Good Recommendations To Increase Fertility In Men

Having babies is a matter of two, so you and your partner will appreciate these practical tips to increase fertility.

When it comes to thinking about babies and forming a family, women are the first to start with all the possible preparations to achieve this desired gift and when the arrival of the little ones is delayed, they immediately think of problems with the woman and even a second term is thought of man.

For men it can really be something very difficult to understand, accept and do something to remedy the infertility problem because it directly affects their masculinity, so if they are thinking of “getting pregnant” it is important that they begin as a couple to prepare and discard any situation that generates infertility in men.

Here are the 5 best recommendations to increase male fertility

Get fit

Overweight and obesity are directly linked to infertility in men. Losing weight or staying at the healthy weight for your height and age can be the key to a safe pregnancy. He also thinks: if they are thinking of bringing a little boy into this world, wouldn’t it be good if his father had a life to raise him until he saw him become a good man? Being overweight shortens the years of life. Your future child needs a healthy and strong father with whom he can go out to play and run around so be prepared!

Get away from the heat a bit

For many years it has been speculated whether tight-fitting men’s underwear affects sperm production, but the reality is that constant contact of the genitals to sources of heat such as the computer on the legs, whirlpools and excessive heating product From physical exercise such as cycling, it can damage sperm production and therefore affect conception.

Like many good things in life, it’s about prudence.

Goodbye to tobacco!

I’m sorry but tobacco in any of its presentations is harmful and the same happens with other drugs. If we are talking about conceiving a child, it is important to clean the body of any chemical or toxic and this includes medications, harmful foods, steroids and any other product that alters the functions of your body.

Light physical activity

Exercise activates and regenerates the functions of our body, through sweat impurities are eliminated and the muscles are toned, the problem is when exercise is abused and the body is overstimulated or products are even consumed to generate greater muscle mass, greater volume and they conflict with the production of the hormones necessary for procreation. Exercise to maintain and improve health. Nature will do the rest.

just relax

In men, stress is the first enemy when it comes to procreating. Stress eliminates desire, turns off natural reactions, and frustrates pregnancies far more often.

Work, the economy and the very pressure of the wife to have a baby and the fears of being a father can be so strong that they totally inhibit the ability to give life to a little one. So relax! Eat healthy, sleep, exercise, spend time with your partner and solve the day to day without pretending that everything is perfect and then become a father, everything has its time and its place, deciding to have a child is indeed one of the great life decisions so take it easy and with great peace.

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