5 Toys That Will Stimulate Intelligence In Your Child

Giving a child seems easy. However, not just any toy is suitable. Choose carefully and your child will reap the benefits.

There are days when a battle between laymen and stuffed animals takes place in my kitchen. Meanwhile, in the living room, the doll patients wait for the doctor to finish the treatment. Also some puzzle pieces are waiting to be put away, while a tall pile of blocks is about to fall.

That scenario is the one we mothers see almost every day, right? And even if there are days when everything is perfectly arranged in its box, it takes a short time for everything to become a minefield again. And there comes the question, why so many toys?

They always want more

When it comes to toys, it is never enough. So, since you have a few long years ahead of accumulating more and more of them, make sure that those to come are objects thatstimulate your imagination, to help you learn something positive, and also to be didactic and educational.

If your child has not reached the age of 8 and already has a favorite video game collection, it will be difficult to remove him from there. But it’s not impossible. Therefore, do not give away technology, at least until your child is a teenager, so that his brain gets to work and develops his intelligence.

5 toys that are a good option

It is nice to give what they want, because we love to see their happy face. But it is also good that you choose options that nurture their intellect and their imagination. In addition to the classic puzzles, dominoes, and board games, here are some other examples.

1. Blocks

Building with blocks is something that does not go out of style and children of all generations love it. There is a wide range of varieties and they all have the same purpose, that of stimulating reasoning and skill.

Try to always keep them well organized in a specific box so that they do not get mixed up with other toys. Challenge your child to build a train, a house or an airplane. They will spend hours with this game.

2.Musical instruments

According to a study published in Journal of NeurosciencePlaying a musical instrument leads to significant improvements in speech and drives the networks involved in decision-making in children.

A guitar, a drums or a piano are always a good option and children love them. In music houses you can find real instruments of better quality than toy ones.


Children love to dress up because you can fantasize about what they want to be. In addition, role-playing costumes are a good tool for learning and creativity. And the best, they do not take up space and are easily washed. Theexperts They claim that dressing up fosters empathy and helps them remove fear and shyness.

We have half a dozen girl and boy costumes at home, and my kids love sharing them with their friends when they come home. In a few minutes the living room is a castle of princesses and superheroes and they can spend hours and hours creating characters and fantasizing.

4. Set for the outdoors

It is proven that children need fresh air to be able to grow healthy and develop their neuronal capacities to the maximum. Therefore, giving toys that have to do with it opens the doors to imagination, creativity and intelligence.

Sticks and buckets, set of explorers, square games such as slides and hammocks, bicycles and skateboards, and everything that is used from the doors to the outside, will delight your children. It is important to note that, in addition, outdoor games will keep children away from phones and tablets for a long time.

5. Art games

Crayons, colored pencils and papers are always in the houses where there are children. But if you want to innovate and stimulate your child’s imagination, you can look for those art sets that will fascinate him and that will keep him creating for a long time. In addition, children will use drawing as a way to express their own reality, their desires, their fears and their frustrations.

Some options can be: books to paint mandalas, art benches to paint like a real Picasso, coloring books with tempera, glitter and stickers, etc. To complete the set you can include a painter’s shirt and cap, with which the child can dress and thus feel like a great artist.


The options are many. The idea is that your child feel encouraged to play with those things that make him grow, develop his brain and encourage his imagination. A child who plays is a happy child!


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