5 Tips To Avoid Destructive Relationships

We all live different types of relationships throughout our lives, but what to do when the current one is destroying our life?

In addition to friendship, we all live other types of relationships based on an affective bond, be it affection, infatuation, passion or love. When we are emotionally attached to someone, we feel happier and more secure, even healthier. Unfortunately, on many occasions we establish relationships that affect both our physical and emotional health, putting our lives at risk, in the worst case.

I have observed these types of relationships closely, because all my life I have seen people immersed in these types of relationships, struggling to move forward when it is clear that they are doomed. These attempts were of little use to them, contributing more problems than solutions to the relationship. In the long run, these people became more and more unhappy, and the process they went through to remove the blindfold was, as we can imagine, very painful. Fortunately, most of them, as sad as it might be in those moments, finally realized what was wrong, and did what was healthiest for them and their partner: end the relationship.

Keep in mind that these situations not only affect you, but also have a very important impact on your family environment. Your children, siblings, cousins ​​or any other member of your family who is not old enough to properly process these types of situations, will grow up thinking that this way of relating is the most appropriate. In addition, many times we unload frustrations on our family, which is not fair to anyone.

Due to all this, I have been able to compile some simple tips to avoid falling into a relationship of this type:

1. Know yourself

No one can establish a healthy relationship if he does not have it with himself first. Know your tastes, your limits and your aspirations. In this way it will be easier to find someone who shares these ideals and form a healthy relationship, and in the same way you can avoid those who want to slow down your personal development.

2. Have set goals

Once your goals are established, it is more difficult for someone to make you doubt them or to get stuck in a relationship that clearly leads you down a path you do not want to travel.

3. Set limits

Not only is it important to know what you want, it is also important to know what you don’t want. If you recognize attitudes or behaviors that you do not like, discuss it with your partner and, if there is not much to do, it is best to end the relationship.

4. Talk to your family

Most of the time we are so locked in these types of relationships that we cut off all communication with others. There is no reason why you should go through these difficulties alone, you have to bear in mind that you need the support of close people, and what better than your family, since they know you better than anyone else and will know how to guide you properly.

5. If you need it, get professional help

If the relationship goes beyond a simple lack of compatibility and a few discussions, it is necessary that you seek the help of a professional to help you properly carry out the separation process, and thus avoid similar situations in the future.

Many times we have the feeling that we are not in control in these types of situations, when in reality it is in our hands to create affective bonds that make us grow as people. Nor do we realize that these situations affect in addition to the two people who are the people in the relationship

Once we have put these simple steps into practice and some others that we will discover with time and experience, it will be easier to establish an open, healthy and respectful relationship, which will help both of them to fulfill both personally and professionally, and build a healthy and happy couple relationship.

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