5 Tips For Raising Strong And Powerful Daughters

This world has a great need for strong women, capable of achieving what they set out to do, but above all, for women who are proud of their feminine condition.

It is enough to read the headlines of the newspapers or listen to the news on the radio or watch them on television to realize that this world in which we live is upside down, and if we look deeply, we can recognize that many of today’s evils have their origin in the family; or rather, in the lack of a healthy family.

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Then, when the family is analyzed and reviewed as the basis of society, it must also be recognized that – although we do not like it or do not agree – most of the family unit, the care of children and their full development falls on the figure of women. Therefore, we can say that the progress or improvement of our society is directly linked to the development and improvement of women.

If you are a Latin American woman in her thirties, then you belong to a new and thriving generation of women who have won seats in society, in education, in business and in politics, a matter that our mothers and grandmothers love. It was banned; but, at the same time and unfortunately, the ranks of mothers who do not have the support of a husband, of women who support homes and whose children are raising themselves, also swell. A complicated scenario, right?

And here comes the question, what will the world our daughters face be like? So far, everything indicates that they will have to face a more aggressive world towards their gender, a radical transformation of the family, a fierce competition for employment, extreme climates and great emotional voids.

For all these factors, preparing them today is a fundamental matter not only for their survival, but for them to be fit for the pursuit of their own happiness. Check out these five recommendations:

1. Education for life

Every day requires much more people prepared in every way. Do everything in your power to give your daughter the best education possible: music, languages, dance, art, math, science, administration, everything possible! See that he cultivates the gift of intelligence.

Now, educating not only refers to the education received in schools, it also refers to the education that is given at home: good manners, courtesy and wise management of emotions are characteristics of someone who is well armed to life.

2. Let it know what it is worth for itself

Today’s women must be punctual, businesswomen, entrepreneurs and with a broad vision of their environment. Summer and part-time jobs give the opportunity to learn and gain experience. The woman who does not know how to work and get ahead on her own, will always require the protection and support of a man, who by the way will see her as something less than him and not as a partner in struggle and support.

On the other hand, being at home and taking care of the children is the biggest company in which a woman can enlist. Times demand women who manage their husband’s income very well and if one lives alone, the demand to know how to manage is doubly greater.

3. His wealth comes from within

One of the factors in the deterioration of our society – and perhaps the saddest – is that which has to do with the abuse of women since they are a child. Unfortunately, in many cultures being a woman is still a stigma, and in slightly more “advanced” societies, it is considered a luxury item that is used, degraded and exploited for her body, but this time with her permission and tolerance, because she herself finds no meaning in her being.

Teach your daughters the great role they play in this world. Help them understand that taking care of their body through healthy eating and exercise is a priority. And to love yourself for who you are, and not for what others want you to be.

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4. Women and men in a single line of action

The new phenomenon of our days are women who are successful in many aspects of their lives, but who live alone. Heartbreak seems to be her constant and failed relationships are on the rise. Education and work are essential, but finding and keeping a loved one is still what life is about.

Men and women need each other and we must work together. Knowing who we are and what we want helps us focus and clearly distinguish who we share our hopes and goals with.

5. Woman as a pillar, as the root of everything

No matter what our origin was, or how we were raised, we all deserve to be happy and family is the great means to achieve that happiness. Women establish and form families; her presence as mother, aunt, grandmother, niece, and sister is basic and vital.

Women’s faith encourages men, shapes dreams, and accomplishes the impossible. Women like that are required and demanded by this new millennium.


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