5 Tips For An Unforgettable Father’s Day

Like when it is celebrated on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can stop at the same cliché of gifts. Keep reading so it doesn’t happen to you.

A few days ago I read a note on the Internet that said that on Father’s Day, thefts of items such as lotions, blankets and shirts increased. It gave me a bit of laughter, but at the same time worrying: are they seriously celebrating their parents with that? Is a stolen gift really a gift?

As when celebrating “Mother’s Day”, Father’s Day can stop at the same cliché of presents or attitudes. Many people agree that “the days of” are macabre pretexts to increase the fever due to the consumption of certain products. They may be right, but you also have to stop and think about the small restaurants or mini-producers of something that await those dates, since they are what keep them alive.

Now, a present will never be too much, as long as it is given selflessly. Therefore, leave behind shirts, ties and lotions, these suggestions may help you to celebrate this Father’s Day in a different way:

1. Take him out for a walk

That the concept is not misunderstood, generally parents (and mothers) are the ones who propose or execute family outings. Now you can take Dad by surprise and ask him to get dressed, without asking where he’s going. Take him to a park or do some activity that he enjoys. If they do that to me and take me to the stadium, I’d have a three-week smile.

2. Have something exotic for breakfast

Come on, prepare something different. If every weekend you “break the diet” and eat tacos or something, then dare to go for something that you have never really eaten, or even that traditional picnic with tablecloth and park could be the option.

3. Organize a tournament for him

Your father may be a fan of video games (growing up doesn’t mean being boring), foosball, or cards. Secretly, he contacts his friends or close family and organizes a tournament at home. Men are too competitive, we want to win even the most expensive; a competition will never go out of style.

4. Remind him of his life

This is rare, but study it for a few days: how much do you know about your dad? They can sit and chat for hours about their adventures, good and bad memories. The rhythm of daily life often does not allow us to stop in the details, in knowing the situations in which people are the way they are.

5. Let him know that you are aware of what he does for you

In the case of babies, the mother (or whoever shares the care of them) will be responsible for carrying out this point. On many occasions we forget to recognize the successes and sacrifices made by the people who care for us; maybe all he needs is a hug and a “thank you” from his children.

Remember that beyond the gifts, the important thing about this day is that you have one more opportunity to let Dad know how much you value everything he has done for you. Be creative and celebrate his influence in your life, giving him a memorable moment with those he loves, and who love him.

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