5 Things You Should Stop Doing At This Point In Your Life

Let go of the lashings and get ready to take flight. This dizzying career that is life deserves it.

“You’re too old for these things,” I kept repeating to myself as I couldn’t stop crying. 36 years, is that a lot? Is it my age or any age, a real justification for doing or not doing something?

I was feeling really sad, and I was expressing my feelings, but there was Disgust, pulled from my mind like in the last Pixar movie. I could imagine him perfectly, all green and standing with a contemptuous expression, looking condescendingly at my inconsolable cry. Then I saw Tristeza, hugging me while he listened to me and helped me recover so I could start over. In that instant, I understood everything. I stopped putting myself in the position of Alegría, who — no matter what — always tried to face problems with a smile.

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Ultimately, my almost 40 years give me (as Ricardo Arjona says in a song) the perfect mix between youth and maturity, and I consider my most valuable learning to accept once and for all serenely that I am not perfect, and that I do not have to satisfy to anyone but myself, and my conscience. For this reason, I bring you the five things that you MUST stop doing, and that will help you loosen your ties to be you, once and for all.

1. Be more friends with others than with yourself

Between jokes, when we talk honestly about an issue and my husband tells me something that I may not like, he affirms that he is more a friend of the truth than mine. I like the phrase and I think it is necessary to live it today. Try to know your truth in depth and be much more friends with yours than with anyone else, that will give you a lot of peace.

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2. Overflow to give and remain empty

It is good that you try to donate yourself, give your time, your life, your joy and your service. That makes you full, and enriches you. Take care, however, that what you give is balanced in such a way that you have time and encouragement for you and yours.

3. Say yes to everyone, out of commitment

Sometimes it is difficult to refuse, because we look good or feel wonderful, and because it is nice to feel considered and needed. Then it happens that we are crazy trying to comply with everything, and because we want to be jugglers, we end up throwing several balls. Saying that it doesn’t seem any more difficult than it is, and doing so helps us to give ourselves with more passion and fullness to what really matters to us.

4. Justify yourself

It has been difficult for me to assimilate my imperfection, but I confess that it has been delicious. I am scattered, very sensitive and distracted. That has disadvantages, and many advantages. Accepting my limitations with love helps me make others look at them with different eyes as well. Avoid justifying “not widening”, help others accept that you are not a super woman, and that while you can’t handle everything, there are areas where you are beautiful and surprisingly strong and capable.

5. Putting you down

One of the parts I liked the most about the Divergent book by Veronica Roth is the profile she illustrated for the “Audacity” faction. The girl who plays the main role must launch herself from the top of a cliff. She never imagined that she would surprise the one who would later become the love of her life, nor did she think that she would amaze so many people with her courage. What’s more, she didn’t even think she could do it, but instead of sitting back and thinking about the impossible of the mission, she trusted and launched herself. You and I can, we are already in this dizzying race that is life. Let’s jump!

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I end with a beautiful phrase by the German poet Goethe: “Move on, and if the land you seek has not been created, your Creator will make a new world emerge for you out of nowhere that justifies your audacity.” Leave behind what limits you and dare with love to be you. You are wonderful, do not hesitate.

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