5 Things You Should Never Do When Someone Is Having A Seizure

When a person is having a seizure it is important to know how to react to save their life and prevent injury. Know these tips.

It is very important to know about the safety measures to help people who are having a seizure. We will never know exactly when it will be time to help, since attacks are sudden.

Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain (they are neurological injuries). The most common causes of this disease are: epilepsy, head injury or trauma, brain tumor, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), drug use, alcohol withdrawal, and high fever.

In general, people with convulsions fall to the ground unconsciously, the body becomes rigid and the head, arms and legs begin to shake, sometimes they can extract foam from the mouth, and they cannot control the sphincters.

The attacks last three to four minutes, they can stop after a few seconds, or continue for up to fifteen minutes. Therefore, it is important to know what to do and not do, to save a person’s life.

What to do?

Put a pillow or some soft object under your head, removing all objects that are within your reach to avoid hurting yourself. After passing the seizure, you should place the person on their side so that they do not choke on their own saliva. You can then rejoin the person by helping them sit up so they regain consciousness.

Then call an ambulance or accompany him to the doctor to examine him and provide treatment.

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What should you never do?

1. Never touch the person

Let the seizure pass, otherwise it may prolong the crisis.

2. Do not put any object between your teeth

If you put something between your teeth, you can injure your jaw.

3. Don’t try to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

People usually catch their breath on their own after the attack.

4. Don’t move it

Let the attack pass, but if you perceive that it is in a place where it can be hit and is dangerous, you should ask for help to remove it. Never do it alone.

5. Avoid drinking water or eating food.

Until a reasonable time has passed after the attack, the seizure person can drink water to recover.

False beliefs

It is generally believed that people who suffer an attack swallow their tongue: It is impossible for this to happen, the explanation is that the tongue loses muscle tone and moves backwards, leaning on the back of the pharynx, causing the air passes into the lungs and thus causes suffocation. This is incorrect as muscle tone increases and does not decrease.

The jaw is broken: the increased muscle tone and stiffness caused by seizures causes the mouth to close, however, this does not cause the person to stop breathing and suffocate.

They bite their tongue: it can happen but generally they are minor injuries, however, trying to insert an object can seriously injure the person such as: loss of teeth, injury to the lips, among others.

We must be vigilant and alert to help people who have a seizure. You can save a life!

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