5 Things That Your Man’s Relationship With His Mother Reveals About Your Husband’s Personality (you Will Be Surprised)

If you are seriously interested in a gentleman and want to give you an idea of ​​how he will treat you and your future daughters, observe with critical eyes and without regard to how your future husband treats his mother.

There is an old saying that says: “A woman is educated by her father but only a man is formed by a woman” and certainly, women take a lot from the character and forms of the father, he is our model as a man of how we should be treated, considered and respected, the father sets the standard for the daughter and in the case of the boys, the mother is the one who largely determines the way and the ways in which he will treat the women in his life, his mother is the parameter and the perfect measure.

Remember: The repetitive behaviors of the past tell us about the trends that will be in the future.

Pay close attention to these behaviors:

Calls you or happens to see you daily

If he is an adult man who continues to live with his mother or who is already independent, continues looking for her at all times, asks her constant opinion or seeks her approval for everything he does, the most likely thing is that we are talking about an insecure man, dependent on her mother to make decisions and whom she surely governs. Her mother will be a challenge to conquer her because there will be no woman that she approves of since in her she will only find a rival who will take away her authority and dominion over her precious son.

Do you dare to live in your mother-in-law’s house or for her to live with you? Who will the gentleman pay more attention to, her mother or her wife?

He never calls her or happens to see her

This is the totally opposite case: the son who does not remember that he has a mother. He is NOT a considerate man, sensitive to old age or her needs, therefore, it is most likely that you as a woman are not a priority in his life. If she who was the one who gave birth to him and raised him, imagine what awaits you.

Treats her badly

There are children who visit their mothers constantly, come to see them or call them on the phone, but all of them only to argue, disqualify and even insult the lady. It is true that not all moms are as good and self-sacrificing as they are supposed or we would like, but from there to a son treating his mother badly, insults, ignores or belittles her, it is something else, totally serious.

Again, if he is capable of having these aggressive or violent behaviors with her, what can wait for you the day you make a mistake?

My mom is a saint

Having an idealized idea of ​​mothers or thinking that she is a quasi miraculous and superior being and that there is no other woman at her height for her sacrifices and self-denial is cruelty towards all the other women that come across in the life of that man. why?

Because there will be none like her, they will all seem small to her, there will be comparisons and many disparagements. Think twice before marrying a man who thinks that her mother is not a human being with strengths and weaknesses.

My mom is the worst

Good! But we do not find one with the mother’s relationship! Any man who has such a negative concept of his mother, will think that they are all like her and no one will be able to give her their heart or trust because if she who should have loved him unconditionally did something wrong, the others are less than little.

By deciding on a man for your whole life and seeing him interact with his mother, you will be able to know how respectful or affectionate he is, how tolerant or aggressive towards the woman or how he can react with you.

Be prudent, be smart and never be blinded by love in such important and momentous decisions as marriage.

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