5 Things That Infidelies Panic About

Being discovered is NOT one of them.

Infidels are people who must share certain characteristics in their personalities so that they may feel an attraction to betray the person they love.

Contrary to what many think, what motivates these people to infidelity are not feelings of superiority or ego, but rather, the exact opposite.

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1. Panic to be alone

Yes, it doesn’t make much sense. They are with someone, but out of fear of loneliness, they seek the company of someone else. A somewhat complicated and difficult equation to understand for those who are not unfaithful and do not suffer from this fear.

“I was terrified of getting hurt, and through my infidelity, I was able to avoid being vulnerable within my relationships. I felt that if I showed my vulnerability to my partner and she left me, it would destroy me. My infidelity was, therefore, a way to avoid feeling vulnerable and susceptible to being hurt. Infidelity was my way of having a backup plan B, just in case she let me. I mistakenly thought that by maintaining multiple romantic options, I would never feel the devastation that comes with heartbreak and, subsequently, loneliness, “explains Billy Johnson, writer for The Good Man Project.

I know, it is almost impossible to understand and to be able to place ourselves in their shoes, but obviously the panic of suffering that they have is stronger than the panic of causing pain to someone else.

2. Panic to connect emotionally with someone

“Every time I started a new relationship with the intention of being faithful to her, I could only be so until the month I felt emotionally connected to it; and the panic would return, “adds Johnson.

Many of us wonder if the infidels love, or if they truly fall in love. Apparently not everyone is capable of love, simply because they do not allow it. They know that if they fall in love, they will be more vulnerable and do not feel like feeling pain. Every time they feel emotionally connected to a woman, they begin the hunt for a second victim to make sure (according to their views) that they won’t lose out.

3. Panic to be fooled

Yes, the hunter is afraid of being married. They are not afraid of being discovered, because they simply live in a reality that they can only see, but that does not exist for the rest of the world.

They know the pain they cause that woman, they know it perfectly precisely because they panic her, and because they know it is unbearable pain, thinking about the idea that their partners betray them is their worst nightmare.

Ironically, they do not want to try their own medicine, and although according to them, having other women (or men, if we speak of women as infidels) as plan B, C, D and the rest of the alphabet, they will not feel pain, they deeply know that they will not resist the pain.

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4. Panic to miss something

With a complex of gods, they travel the world wanting to be sure that they will live their lives to the fullest and that no one will come to tell them when they are 90 that they did not enjoy this or that when they were younger.

However, they deeply know that, despite being surrounded by many people, they are the loneliest beings that walk the Earth.

5. Panic to one day admit that they were NEVER happy

And they are not, unfortunately, this is a truth that yes or yes, all of them will have to face sooner or later.

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