5 Things Men Do When They Love, But We Interpret Them As Disinterest

The following five things sound in the world of us women, to total disinterest, but in theirs, they are just signs that they love you.

Again, trying to understand our male friends. The following five things sound in the world of us women, of total disinterest. However, these confusing signals that men give off just mean that they are more interested in you than they would like to admit.

Very rarely, a man comes. and from the beginning of a relationship he expresses what he feels. I like you, I love you or I love you, they are not the things that flow the most from the mouth of men, although we die to hear them. But, to our delight, Clayton Olson, an expert in dating relationships, explains these 5 signs that mean the opposite of what we think they mean.

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1. Suddenly he gets serious and you still get the impression that he is bored

The relationship has gone well, they have a great time together and the fun springs up everywhere, but suddenly, and without invitation, he changes. He behaves more serious, he does not talk so much, he asks you a little more superficial questions and you do not know what is happening.

As I have already said in my previous articles, men process everything differently than women, and at different times. “At this stage of the relationship, he is in the adult ego, which basically means that he is being extremely careful not to screw things up. He prefers that you take the initiative, instead of him doing it, making a mistake and ending up losing you, “explains Olson.

2. His movements seem more calculated

Sometimes you feel that everything you do and think is under the magnifying glass or on a hospital gurney for surgery.

At first it was spontaneous, fun, and things flowed smoothly, but suddenly, you feel like things have started to get sort of calculated. He makes you wait to call, to talk to you, and for you, it is inevitable to feel as if he is rejecting you.

Olson explains that when men begin to feel that they are more involved with a woman, and do not really want to lose her, they begin to feel that staying with that woman may mean losing their freedom. So they take out the “male” inside them and expose it.

3. Makes the most hurtful jokes you’ve ever heard

Incredible but real. We show love through romanticism, words and actions that go hand in hand with our emotions; they do not.

My grandmother always repeated that those who fight love each other, and for me, it never made sense. However, what this expert explains makes sense and sheds light on this particular situation.

Men show their love for their friends with jokes, which are generally practical jokes. When he feels that the relationship between you has grown enough, he tries to test these waters, making jokes that provoke a reaction in you; and sometimes, unintentionally, it hurts you.

The jokes usually include things that raise your ego, and that make you feel more secure.

4. Brags about himself

“Ironically, one of the biggest signs that he loves you is that he acts like he’s in love with himself – a lot,” says Olson. Apparently, this involuntary mechanism that men use is nothing more than a way that they have to make the woman they have by their side feel that they are worth a lot.

It’s kind of like women who use jealousy as a strategy to make it feel like there are more men in the world who are interested in them.

Many times, this fact makes women feel that he is competing with them, and that whatever they do, they must always win. This alienates many women, just as the jealousy they manipulate alienates many men.

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5. You seek intimacy, and he shows no interest

Did it happen to them? A little more common than before, men do not ‘seize’ every opportunity presented to them to be intimate with a woman. The fact that a man does not seek intimacy all the time, or that he drops decibels in intimacy, is showing you that he is interested in the relationship growing emotionally, and not in that it is only the physical part that sustains it.

“If you date a man assuming that he likes you, that he is interested, and that the two of you have a chance together, your chances of finding the love of your life will skyrocket,” Olson explains.

Continually doubting how he feels about you, if you are worth it; The fact that you spend your time interpreting what he does and does not do, forever reaching a negative conclusion about how he feels about you, the most likely thing is that you will be alone. On the contrary, the less you doubt, the less he will doubt you.

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