5 Text Messages That He Will Always Reply If He Really Is In Love With You

Texting is effective in reinforcing the couple’s love. If you want to find out if he really loves you, try sending these to him.

There are many ways to show a person that you love them such as: details, surprises, caresses, dedicating songs to them, making videos of their unforgettable experiences, love phrases, among others; however, texting is an easy and effective tool to use to make your partner feel like you miss her when you’re not together.

The mere fact of living with your partner and having a life together, with goals and responsibilities, does not ensure that the relationship is solid and lasting; There must always be that romanticism to strengthen your love.

The love of the couple should never be put to the test, since the trust between the two should always exist, however, as it is scientifically known that women fall in love through the sense of hearing, text messages help to reinforce feelings of security, love and loyalty that you need to hear every day.

If you feel that your relationship is not going well and you want to know that your partner is actually in love with you, use text messages to eliminate any negative thoughts from your mind, and you will begin to value your partner much more.

Send messages like the following:

1. Where are you love?

It’s normal for a relationship to have freedom and independence between the two of you, but when he hasn’t checked in with you for a reasonable amount of time, it’s important that you make him feel like you miss him. Remember that the message does not have the function of jealousy and harassing your partner, but of showing your love.

If he really loves you, he will answer the message immediately without fear of confirming the information with a simple call.

2. I need you because I have a problem. Come!

It is common for there to be problems that women do not know how to solve easily like men, such as when the tire of the car goes flat. If your partner responds to the message immediately and does everything possible to help you, be sure that he cares and wants to protect you to make you feel safe.

Value each action of your partner, because the simple fact of leaving everything he is doing to come to your rescue shows the great love he feels for you.

3. Love, I don’t feel good

When a woman sends a message to her partner telling him that she feels bad, it is because in reality her pain or discomfort is strong, so if he responds to your message, with a solution such as: take you to the doctor or buy you some medicine, you should feel happy, because he will show you his love and concern for your well-being.

4. I love you and miss you so much, I need you to be here

It does not matter if your partner is working, in the gym or in any important meeting, he will take a minute to answer your message, giving you the peace of mind you need and reinforcing his love. He will surely do his best to see you and be with you.

Remember that women become more attractive to men when it is she who decides when and where they will meet.

5. I’m tired and I need to distract myself. What do you propose?

One way to get out of the routine and monotony in a relationship is to do different things, let him propose to do some exciting activity, to reinforce the love they feel. If he really loves you, he will reply to your message with two or three options for you to choose from.

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Love should always be fed daily, never forget to remind your partner that you are in love, that he is special in your life and that you miss his absence even for a few hours. Being romantic is a way to feel safe and confident in the relationship.

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