5 Symptoms That You Have A Heart Puff Without Knowing It

These unexplained discomforts and chest sensations can be symptoms of a disease that can be fatal if it progresses.

Thousands of people in the world die from heart diseases that were not diagnosed in time or treated properly. One of those heart ailments that silently afflicts hundreds of people of any age is the heart murmur or heart murmur.

But really, what is a heart murmur?

The MedlinePlus portal says that heart murmurs are a kind of hissing noise that is caused by “uneven” blood flow as it passes through the heart valves.

According to the Texas Heart Institute, “normal heart sounds go in pairs,” but when there is a murmur, along with the typical rhythmic <<lab-dab >> we have all heard, a kind of murmur is accompanied he can hear and the sufferer “feels” in some way.

Causes of heart murmurs

They can occur for several conditions, according to the Texas Heart :

  1. When one of the heart valves does not close properly causing blood to flow back through it, which is called regurgitation .

  2. When blood flows through a narrow, rigid heart valve, this is called stenosis .

The aforementioned problems can be of congenital origin or even have their reason because of rheumatic fever, coronary artery disease, infective endocarditis or aging.

  1. A heart malformation such as a hole in the heart wall can lead to a murmur.

  2. Conditions like pregnancy, anemia, high blood pressure, fever, or even having an overactive thyroid gland can cause an intermittent heart murmur.

  3. Endocarditis which consists of an infection of the heart valves and its ventricles, pericarditis which is an inflammation of the membrane that surrounds the heart, benign tumors that form within the heart (myoxmas) can be the cause of heart murmurs .

Who can get heart murmurs?

The best page with health exposes that both adults and children. Something curious is that in children cariac murmurs can be part of the growth and development of the child, so it will not require any treatment.

Pregnant women can also have heart murmurs due to weight gain since the circulatory system has to double its efforts to get the blood to every corner of the body until it reaches the heart.

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Aging can also make people over 60 years of age susceptible to this condition as blood vessels, tissues, and heart valves suffer the consequences of old age.

Symptoms of a heart murmur

Many of those who have heart murmurs have no symptoms at all. Despite this, sometimes they can present:

  • Chest discomfort.

  • A little pain in the chest.

  • Weakness.

  • Bluish color to the skin or the tips of the fingers.

  • Trouble breathing.

The afflicted person can also gain weight, be inflamed and physical activity becomes intolerant, this according to the page health.ccm.


Sometimes it is enough for an expert doctor to use the stethoscope to diagnose it.

The Texas Hearth explains that depending on the position of the body and breathing, the heart murmur changes; This makes it possible for the cardiologist to have the patient change position (squat, lie down, or stand) for auscultation for a better diagnosis.

Some studies or tests that are ordered to be carried out are:

  • Chest X-ray – to see if the heart is getting bigger.

  • Electrocardiography (electrocardiogram) – to see if there is an irregularity in your heartbeat (arrhythmia).

  • Echocardiography: to determine the good or bad functioning of the heart valves, the movement of the walls of the heart and the size of the heart.

  • They may send a test with a special medicine called amyl nitrate, this test is done to diagnose some types of heart murmurs. The doctor will make the patient inhale the drug, this what he does is momentarily alter the blood pressure and heart rate.

strong, Treatment

It depends on the cause of the heart murmur, as some do not require treatment.

When the murmur is due to a disease such as high blood pressure, it needs to be treated according to medical specifications.

However, if the heart murmur is due to heart valve disease such as intrinsic valve disease or some other heart defect, it may require drug treatments or even surgery.

The most advisable thing in case you have felt some type of discomfort in the chest or exhaustion and you have never been diagnosed with heart disease, is that you go to your GP for a general check-up, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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