5 Scientific Ways To Extend Your Life

It is better years full of life, than a life that only accumulates years.

One more reason to exercise is the one that has just been published in Very Interesting magazine. So far the most fervent motivators to exercise have been our health and our self-image, but according to a study by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, our life expectancy is also determined by the physical activity we do.

It is not the time in the gym, but how active we are. The hours we spend in an armchair versus the hours we move. We are almost 40 percent muscle. Our heart is a muscle, our digestive system depends on the muscular system, the energy of our body is stored in our muscles; without them there is no us.

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Hence, it is not so crazy that our physical condition is directly related to how long our life is. It is not the first time that I touch on the subject, but before I have been carried away by the fashion to speak of our weight and the aesthetic benefits; Now I want to motivate you to give up a sedentary life to add years of quality to your existence.

Reasons to move more

1. Increase our respiratory capacity

The lungs and the heart work hand in hand when we exercise. The lungs are responsible for carrying oxygen to the body and discharging carbon dioxide, which allows the muscles to oxygenate to maintain movement.

2. Our blood circulates more and better

Consequently vascular diseases decrease. Thromboses, heart attacks, strokes, etc. they are evils that we can fight if we just move more.

3. Prevent muscles from atrophying

Healthy muscles allow our posture, our joints, our motor apparatus to give the best of themselves and we can enjoy daily activities without limitations.

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4. Rest better

The substances that our body secretes when we move are those that allow the quality of our rest to increase considerably; so if you have insomnia problems, I advise you to do physical activity.

5. Improve moods

By exercising we are opening a door for stress to leave our body. We free ourselves from the weight of daily worries. We allow ourselves to focus on things other than what overwhelms us and therefore manages to relax us.

Dancing, walking, cycling, going up and down stairs, cleaning our house, walking the dog, there are many ways to activate our body. We do not have to limit ourselves, or condemn ourselves to things that we do not like. A life that cannot be fully enjoyed is a life wasted. It is better years full of life, than a life that only accumulates years.

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