5 Safe Remedies To Fight Cellulite Forever

Today cellulite can be eliminated. These remedies will make a difference in your life.

Many years ago, when my second daughter was in her first year of primary education, her teacher, it seemed, gave her a very interesting class that captivated her to the extent that she came home very happy telling me that she had loved the class and that she had participated very much, she was happy to have had the opportunity to speak in front of her whole class, obviously I was also very happy just to see her and to know that she was so animated; Then I asked her what topic her class had been about and she told me – we talked about cellulite and I told them that you have a lot! – Obviously my smile fell.

The next day, I met the teacher and trying not to interfere with her teachings, I asked her what the class had been that the children had taken with such interest the day before, to which she replied: we were talking about neurons and cells and your daughter told us that you had many of those, only you say “cellulite” I think she was confused with “cellulite.”

The teacher and I laughed a little and after noticing that I was sad, she told me: Don’t worry, I already explained to the children that all mothers have a lot of “cellulite”

Everything was like a funny story that I remembered when listening to a dear friend complain about the terrible cellulite that has invaded her.

I told her the story when the whole school found out that I suffered from it too, and after we laughed, I promised that I would share with her and with you, what worked for me so that my “cellulites” stopped being so popular.

Firstly, we must understand that cellulite is merely an aesthetic problem that more than 90% of us suffer from; that this accumulation of water and fat and that when it accumulates in a disorganized way, it causes those ugly oyuelos on the skin.

It is formed mainly in the legs, hips, abdomen and buttocks, places where we accumulate fat naturally. It is not a health problem but it can be alert to problems such as hormonal imbalances, fluid retention or difficulties with lymphatic functions.

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Except for that, the rest is about pure vanity, because none of us like to see it in our body and in the worst case it can even make us self-conscious, limit our social life, practice a sport, have a partner and even lose security , confidence and self-esteem.

So let’s go straight to the remedies that can help us eliminate it or at least hide it.

Better with health recommends 4 very good teas:

Horse chestnut


Horse tail

Parsley and dandelion

Any of the 4 teas you must first bring the water to boil and until it is boiling add the tea, let it boil for 5 minutes and turn off the heat, let it rest for 10 minutes and once it is at the temperature that you like , you strain it and you drink it. It is recommended in the morning and at night.

Another star remedy is the coffee poultice. The coffee you have on hand, moisten it and put it in a bandage that you will put on your legs, hips or abdomen, wrap yourself like a mummy and sleep with it or at least spend as much time as you can so that it works.

The coffee that is left from the coffee maker, do not throw it away, work with it when you are in the shower and then you rinse, it is a magnificent exfoliator. What is left over you can put it on your plants as compost.

Another great recommendation that is causing a sensation in the networks is the Vacuum Cup.

It is a silicone device that “sucks” the skin in the area you want to treat, this works very well because it stimulates blood supply, massages, drains fluids and lowers muscle tension.

You just have to do it carefully, without too much force as it can leave bruises.

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