5 Rules So That There Is Respect In Your Family

One of the bases that must be instilled in the family at all times is respect.

The personality of a person can be defined through the way in which he was raised by his family and the way in which he develops in his various social circles. For this reason, one of the bases that must be instilled in the family at all times is respect, since it will depend on whether an individual can become a good person in the future.

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If you are a parent and you want to promote respect within your family, then there are five basic rules that we suggest you take into account and follow so that it is always within your home. These are published by the Psycological Science Journal which establishes some principles that are applicable to any family. Here we leave them, take a look at them and put them into practice. These rules are not difficult at all! And, if you are consistent in applying them, you will soon notice the changes with your partner and children.

1. Don’t abuse your authority

The fact that you are the father of the family does not entitle you to phrases such as: “because I am your mother / father and I say so”, “because I command here”, “because this is my house”, among others. All that these types of phrases do is that your children record them from a young age and do not feel that their home is a place where they can feel free and comfortable. Instead, they will feel that they are living with people who do not let them express themselves as they prefer. Of course, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be discipline, but there are ways!

2. Before setting a rule, listen!

If you are going to implement a new arrangement in your home, it is important that before putting it in place, you raise it and listen to the opinion of each member of the family. This way you will be opening the communication channels and everyone will feel free to say what they feel. Once you’ve listened to them and taken into account their thoughts, then yes: let the rule be even for everyone.

3. Forget about nicknames and insults

When you get angry, it is always basic and super important that you find a way to control yourself. Never allow yourself to insult your loved ones, because many times we do not measure the consequences that an insult can have, especially in children. Another thing that speaks of respect is speaking by name to your children or your partner. They have it for something, right? And of course, forget about nicknames like: “el gordo”, “el short”, “la flaca”, etc. The only thing you will generate are complex.

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4. Always be fair

If someone violated some of the rules, they must have a sanction and for all the members of the family it must apply exactly the same, nothing that: “It’s because he’s small, he doesn’t understand” or that kind of excuses for him not to comply with the sanction which entails breaking a rule, because the only thing that will be promoted is a feeling of injustice within the family.

5. Build confidence

Whenever a member of the family has a problem, it will be necessary to listen to it and anything, no matter how “minimal” it may be, must be addressed. At no time should you miss or throw it “crazy.” Many parents wonder why their children do not trust them and the answer is basically that: when they wanted to get closer they were pushed aside.

Remember that trust and respect go hand in hand. With these tips, you will realize that everything in your family will go smoothly!


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