5 Quotes From Remarkable People About Perseverance

Beyond “he who perseveres, reaches”, here are five quotes from notable people about the value of patience and drive.

When they tell us: “You have to be persistent.” We probably don’t fully understand the absolute meaning of that phrase. Patience is not a virtue that can be developed in an afternoon, so having the courage not to let ourselves be defeated in the face of adversity is undoubtedly a super power that few can boast.

That is why, thinking about your day to day, I want to share some phrases that notable people have expressed in relation to the value of perseverance. You can probably apply some of them to the moment you are going through and then yes, let others take care of themselves because you will have inspiration to achieve your goal.

Come on then, let’s put aside all those paternal lines, but what do you want? I’m excited to write you!

1. Who moves mountains, began by putting aside pebbles

This phrase is attributed to the Chinese thinker Confucius and shows us that it is clear that if we want to start with the biggest and most complicated from the beginning, the work will be more difficult. You have to start with the little things, it’s as if you want to beat me at soccer video games, if you’ve never played an Atari.

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2. 90% of success is based solely on insisting

This wise reflection was told by the famous filmmaker Woody Allen. You have surely heard the question: How did successful people get to where they are? Although I had already told you in a previous installment that there are different types of success, what is a reality is that if you want to get to the place where you think you will feel better, you will have to repeat things over and over again, until you achieve it. I see him with the good Chicharito Hernández, the striker fails brutalities, but there he is, insisting and then the goal falls.

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3. Make obstacles, steps for what you want to achieve

The remarkable comedian Charles Chaplin, knew that life is a matter of approaches. If instead of putting the name of obstacle to the difficulties that are presented to you, you think of them as challenges, then fighting to overcome them takes on a different meaning. Test yourself.

4. The difference between winning and losing is basically not giving up

Without a doubt, the great Walt Disney knew what he was saying when he referred to this and was somehow in tune with Woody Allen. Sometimes the last blow can be the one that knocks down the wall, so the important thing is not to stop insisting. It’s like making natural rice, if it doesn’t come out like a paste the first few times, then how are you going to know when it’s done well?

5. Anyway, try again. Fail again, but fail better

The Irish playwright Samuel Beckett tells us that although you may fall in search of what you wanted, you must try again. The worst that can happen is that when you do it, you will fall again, but better than the last time. It is like my noble Dallas Cowboys: we have been dragging the blanket for years, but we have fallen into higher instances that bring us closer to the title (which I hope one day I can see).

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Every day is a new opportunity to throw the dart and hit exactly the place we want.

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