5 Principles For You To Enjoy This Holiday Season In Advance

Who has value is priceless! Take control of these holidays and value above all else the opportunity to have someone to celebrate them with!

The countdown to the start of the holiday season has already begun. Family and friends gatherings will be the order of the day as it happens every year, and like every year the advice on how to face all the temptations and excesses starts now.

If something complicates us when it comes to celebrations, it is to resist the consumerism that characterizes this era in every way. I would love to tell you that avoiding them is a resolved matter, but the truth is that the pressure on a social and family level to keep up in the last three months of the year is great.

So much so that in this period, stores and supermarkets do not refer to the months by name, but by the festivities of each one. Halloween or Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, April Fools’ Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, plus parties with friends, company dinner, and family visits is all we are capable of processing .

The problem is that we barely managed to survive emotionally and economically these dates, so what if for a change we prepare for what is coming? How to be ready to end the year with all the attitude? Here I share the following tips:

1. Organize your events

If you are going to organize your own party, don’t wait until the last minute. Better to agree in advance with your friends, define the date, time, place, and expenses, whether they are on your own, or are shared. If they are shared, it is better for everyone to make their contribution first: it is very unpleasant to be begging for their contribution to be delivered. And if you are going to be splendid and pay yourself, it is best to have a detailed list of attendees and comply with it to the letter.

2. Start physical activity

For a change, don’t wait for the year to start, when the damage is done, better allocate a space in your busy schedule to exercise and thus be able to go to all commitments without guilt and with a renewed spirit.

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3. Buy gifts in advance

That way you can take advantage of the offers, you will not make panic purchases, and if you move fluently on the Internet, buy online. That way you will save time and money, since the costs are usually lower than those of the stores. Subscribe to the pages of the establishments of your choice to be notified of their special sales.

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4. Schedule your meetings

So you will not look bad with anyone, especially with your partner. Sometimes it happens that by not talking about it in time they end up fighting over where to spend what day, or it turns out that he already had a plan and you completely change the scenario.

5. Be good with your food

I do not mean in meetings, but when you do not have commitments and avoid excesses. Thus, when you are celebrating in front of a table full of delicious things, you will not have guilt problems.

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Remember that the idea is to take advantage of the holidays to live with our loved ones, relax or simply have a good time. It is also a unique opportunity in the year to let our feelings surface, promote reconciliation, make future plans and even let our altruistic side come out.

The most important thing is that you prepare yourself mentally to enjoy the moments and leave in each of them the best of you as a person, because no matter how much waste or waste present in these parties, the main thing is that you have very clear there are things that are worth and others that they are priceless.


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