5 Phrases You Should Avoid Saying To Your Husband

Marriage is not just any relationship, although honesty should prevail, sometimes diplomacy is more important.

Marriage is not just any relationship and although honesty should prevail above all things, sometimes diplomacy is more important.

What do I mean? Simple: it’s all very well to tell the truth, and even if you didn’t, there would be a real problem; However, you have to develop what few people have called “tact” if you want to get away with it in your day-to-day life at home.

It is not that marriage is a dictatorship, but I think taking away the spark and originality would be like shooting him. When it comes to living together under the same roof, we must bear in mind that couples enter marriage with different customs under their arms, and that not always our words can achieve the goal we want.

After making clear the parity that should exist in terms of the way in which both men and women have to address themselves in the marital sphere, in this article I share the five phrases that do not have to be said to a husband, so , friend, pay attention and take note:

1. My dad does better

Boom, sure burst. A man needs to make his own mistakes in taking any action (call it installing a closet or fixing a knob). It is clear that the father-in-law will run to the aid of his daughter and even if there is a good relationship with the husband, it will never hurt to show, for a few seconds, who the man of the home is. Seriously, woman, from my own experience I tell you that sometimes it is better for a specialist to do a repair in your home than to ask your father for a favor, because they leave us without hands.

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2. Don’t ask for things please

Or what is the same: being bossy 24 hours a day. Anything is asked please, whether it is to close the door, turn on the bóiler (water heater), or change the channel on the television. Being imperative ends up wearing down the relationship and can create severe conflicts, as well as deep misunderstandings.

3. «In my house we used to do it …»

Yes, yes, in your house they did, but this is something new, a new story and as such it has to be written day after day. It’s okay to take a few references, but wanting to bring ALL your customs to the new roof will certainly not be healthy at all.

4. «With that man I would have liked …»

Correct, we understand that you are talking about an actor or singer (careful, if you mean the neighbor or an ex-partner); It is also understood that it never hurts to take an “eyeball”, nothing happens; But delve into details that “with that man you would have liked” to do who knows what, it is uncomfortable and is a blow to your husband’s self-esteem.

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5. Make unilateral decisions

Again, it is not a question of asking permission: the husband is not the jailer, but he does have to be taken into account for certain decisions, at least asking for an opinion. There is nothing stranger and more annoying than coming home and finding in it a modification of which you had no idea, or that a plan has been made without having previously discussed it.

Although you, friends, do not believe it, we also have our little hearts and we also really want to send you to sleep on the couch when you do any of this.

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