5 Mistakes At Work That Make You Obese And Unhappy

Sitting for long hours, being monotonous at work, not eating well plus countless etceteras are just some bad habits we do at work.

How many times have you left home for work without breakfast? Or how many times do you just prepare lunch for your husband and children and forget to prepare yours? Sometimes the practicality of preparing food to take to work is not viable, due to the pace of life that is increasingly accelerated, since it is more comfortable to have a glass of milk in the morning and for lunch to buy cookies, potatoes, a burrito or a hamburger, to prepare some good nutritious food.

Because of those bad habits, you have noticed that your body begins to feel bad. It could be that you have gained weight or that you have digestion problems. You also feel tired and have a hard time concentrating on your work. Here I tell you the causes of your problems and how to remedy them in order to avoid diseases, due to poor diet.

1. Stop eating for a long time

Stopping eating does not lose weight, on the contrary, it can generate an imbalance in your body. Performing this habit is highly variable, it all depends on the hours you are at work. There are people who wait to get home and prepare their food and that is why they stop eating most of the day; or it usually happens that they do not eat anything and wait until the time they have to eat. This causes you to become very hungry, eat fast and in large quantities.

To avoid the above, it is advisable to eat five times a day. Achieving this is very simple: prepare nutritious fruit or vegetable snacks , buy almonds, walnuts or blueberries, this will keep your body working and you will avoid overeating.

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2. Eating too fast

Just as you dedicate time to your work, you should also take time to enjoy your food. Avoid rushing and eat slowly, this will help you digest food better and you will feel more satisfied.

3. Do not carry out any sports activity

If the amount of hours and the responsibilities of the family do not leave you time to carry out a sporting activity, I would recommend that for every hour you spend sitting in front of your computer (or otherwise all the time stopped), rest for about five minutes. Stretch your body and walk; This way you will avoid muscle aches and lower back pain.

I recommend that when you get up in the morning take time to perform sit-ups or another exercise such as walking. Set your alarm clock half an hour before or, if you wish, you can do it at the end of your day. Remember that it is for your health.

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4. Not drinking enough water

Many of the drinks such as juices, artificial flavored waters, soft drinks, etc. they have sugar. Although they seem to give you more energy, that won’t help you feel good; on the contrary, you will feel heavier. Get your body used to only drinking natural water at least two liters a day. This has great benefits such as: having better digestion, controlling your weight, increasing your energy, hydrating your skin and preventing diseases. This way you will feel slimmer and happier with your physical appearance.

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5. Do not select your foods

If your purpose is to feel good, remember to choose your food better. It includes the 4 nutrients that the body needs: proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats. Avoid eating fast foods and sweets; I do not mean that you submit to a constant diet, but you must be aware of eating healthy. Choose salads, chicken, fish, vegetables among others that do not contain much fat. This way you will avoid feeling bad and you will get less sick.

Obesity has grown in recent years causing health risks, absenteeism from work and lack of productivity. Food is what helps the body to carry out our activities. Therefore, do not leave these recommendations aside and learn to take care of yourself. Take some time to reflect and act. Remember that there will always be a time for you, as long as you want it.

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