5 Irreparable Damages You Cause To Your Baby When You Are Emotionally Abused In Pregnancy

Emotional distress during pregnancy can destroy your baby’s future. Know these irreparable effects and avoid this pain for the good of both.

Pregnancies should be the happiest time of our lives, however this is not always the case. Being with a man who emotionally abuses you not only damages you, but also creates irreparable damage in the life of that innocent being that lives inside you. The emotional damage you suffer will impact the fate of your creature.

Beyond avoiding alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages and smoking, there is something perhaps as or more important that you should avoid especially during those 9 months of pregnancy: Emotional abuse.

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Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject, analyzing how stress, emotional pain and broken heart syndrome can impact the development of the fetus. The conclusions are quite conclusive and there are at least 5 damages that an abusive relationship or the stress of a mother can cause in the baby that is developing.

When my mother was waiting for me, she went through moments of extreme stress and pain, moments that perhaps could have been avoided if different decisions had been made. It is very rare that a mother decides to drink alcohol while she is pregnant, because knowing that it is harmful to the baby (and the mother) is almost general knowledge, however, knowing that every discussion, stress and emotional hurt that you suffer, is so bad like alcohol, is something that most do not know.

1. Your suffering in the first trimester of pregnancy could cause schizophrenia in your child as an adult

Studies concluded that the mother’s high levels of stress and suffering during the first trimester of pregnancy increases the possibility that your child will develop schizophrenia at some point in his adult life. On the other hand, attention problems, for example, are more connected to the stress that the mother suffers during the last months of pregnancy.

2. You damage their natural ability to deal with emotional pain

Mothers who suffer from emotional abuse or high degrees of stress during pregnancy, release large amounts of adrenaline (the chemical that our body secretes during moments of fear). This substance is highly addictive, and it actually triggers as a defense mechanism. Every time we are in front of a dangerous situation, adrenaline is what drives us to run, which gives us extra strength to fight (if necessary), this substance also dampens our perception of physical pain, to keep going.

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During pregnancy, emotional stress situations cause this substance to shoot up, only this time it penetrates the uterus and according to Dr. Billi Gordon, this interferes with the formation of the pituitary-hypothalamus axis of the baby, changing the shape in which he will process emotional pain when he grows up. Children whose mothers suffered great emotional pain at the time of pregnancy, as adults, are more likely to be addicted to emotional pain. Their bodies are addicted to that adrenaline, and they seek to be in painful situations, which they see as normal. They have great difficulty being truly happy.

3. You damage their neuronal development and can have a long-term effect

Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject, analyzing how stress, depression, anxiety, and constant emotional abuse by the mother impact the unborn baby. It has been concluded that these emotions experienced by the mother impact the neural development of the fetus, making it more prone to suffer from emotional problems that include attention disorder, behavior disorders and the baby’s cognitive development.

4. Alters even the formation of their fingerprints, showing an alteration in their formation

“Even patterns in fingerprints can change; it is an alteration that may well be linked to changes in the development of the brain of children “, explains a report published in the Encyclopedia of Early Development of Children.

“Stress, in generic terms, which also includes emotional abuse due to bad relationships or responding to a disaster. All this has been associated with the alteration in the development of children, “she adds.

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5. Your emotional suffering during pregnancy DOUBLES the possibility that your child has emotional problems

“The unpublished results concluded that the effects can be seen from birth to age 13 at least.” The effects of extreme stress, threats, emotional abuse suffered by the mother, going through extreme situations during pregnancy, double the chances that your child will have major emotional problems throughout her life.

For your own good and above all for the good, happiness and future of your child, if you are pregnant or want to be pregnant in the future, try to make sure that you will do everything possible to avoid being in an abusive or conflictive relationship, at least during those 9 months.

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