5 Inevitable Changes That Your Family Has To Live

Do not allow changes to destroy your family, discover in this article what are the stages that they must live together.

Did you know that your family is a living organism? This means that it can undergo various changes and adaptations throughout its history. First it is born, grows, develops and finally it is declined or consumed. These changes can cause you some instability in your home since you probably do not know how to face the unknown. In this article you will find the best tool to identify and understand what stage your family is in.

First stage: a new partner

Each head is a world, and when two people decide to join their lives and form a new family, they both bring with them beliefs, expectations and customs that they learned within their family of origin. A different system must be established with a new family identity.

The two of you should talk about how you can assume your role as spouses. I recommend that you write a list of patterns or traditions in your family of origin that you would not like to repeat in your marriage. Also write down those aspects that you would like to replicate for your family, discuss the results with your partner and create a new family prototype.

Second stage: birth of children

The birth of a child generates many changes in the couple’s relationship, since a baby demands attention and care, which is why at this stage excessive fatigue, tensions and conflicts in the marriage can be experienced, since the mother can neglect to her husband because of the new member. However, the important thing is to establish limits and dialogue to reach a common agreement that benefits the whole family.

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Third stage: adolescence of the children

The term adolescence is related to the Latin adolescent, which means lacking in something. For it seems that when children grow up, they go from being tender children and become rebellious adolescents who lack identity and discernment. Having an adolescent at home is not an easy thing since it generates great crises within the family nucleus, so it is important that new rules and limits are generated at home.

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Fourth stage: the reunion

Time passes and suddenly your children are adults who are ready to become independent and start their own family. It is not easy for any parent to accept this situation, however, you must remember that marriage is the heart of the family and you should never lose that position. If you feel that with the absence of your children your family is disintegrating, I invite you to remember the past and go back to being your partner’s adventure partner, just as when they began their relationship.

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Fifth stage: old age

Many people live with an inexplicable fear of aging, there are even anti-wrinkle creams, surgeries and products to reduce apparent age. However, there is nothing wrong with aging, it is a stage that must be lived with joy and dignity. It is also proven that grandparents represent something very valuable within families as they are excellent at creating bonds of love and unity among all members.

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So no matter what stage your family is currently in, live and enjoy each day as if it were your last. Remember that the family is the basis of human relationships, so I recommend that you foster an environment of protection, affection and love in your home.

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