5 Hispanics Met In Manhattan To Celebrate 30 Years Of Friendship, But They Met Death In The Cowardly Act Of Terrorism That Shakes New York

A trip that was to be memorable ended in a great nightmare

They had met in high school and their friendship had lasted for 30 years. To celebrate, they had traveled to New York to spend a few days on vacation and celebrate the joy of affection that had united them since they were teenagers. However, tragedy found them when a terrorist act killed 8 people a few blocks from One World Trade Center.

According to the Huffington Post, the attack occurred around 3 p.m. when an Uzbek citizen sped a truck onto the West Street pedestrian and bicycle path north of Chambers Street, striking several people in the way. Among the fatal victims are the 5 Argentine friends who were walking, 1 citizen of Belgian origin and 2 Americans. In addition there are more than 11 injured who are still hospitalized and recovering.

One year planning the trip

Hernán Mendoza, Diego Angelini, Alejandro Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernán Ferruchi were five Argentines who were with three other classmates in New York City, as they were celebrating 30 years of their graduation from high school, according to Bugle. They had been planning the dream trip for a year.

The topic of the trip often came up in the alumni meetings at the Polytechnic College of the city of Rosario, and after several conversations they had decided that in October they would travel to New York. Not all of them could afford the trip, and one of them offered to pay for the trip of two companions. When they returned, they had promised that they would meet to celebrate with the rest of the classmates, who had not been able to travel.

A cowardly act of terrorism

But the dream of this group of friends was cut short when a terrorist identified by the police as Sayfullo Saipov, rammed his truck into the people who were circulating on the bike path and then crashed. After the collision, the truck driver exited the vehicle brandishing weapons, and police confronted the suspect by shooting him in the abdomen. The suspect was injured and taken to a hospital.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said according to the Huffington Post : “Six of the victims came from other nations, because they saw New York as a special place to be. And now, and forever, we will consider them New Yorkers. “

Halloween night was truly terrifying for New Yorkers, who witnessed a tremendous cowardly act of terrorism, as the city’s mayor called it, according to ABC News.

Live to tell

Martín Ludovico Marro was one of the 8 friends who was in New York to celebrate 30 years of graduation with his friends. But he had not traveled from Rosario, Argentina, but lived in Boston and that is why they had met in New York, so that everyone could agree. Martín was the only survivor of his group of friends and he is admitted to the Hospital, recovering from his injuries.

According to La Capital, the Argentine consul in New York reported that Martín is stable: “ The medical information that we had at the last minute is that he was recovering. The wounds were a bit impressive but the doctors are optimistic, “he said.

Condolences to families

I am Argentine, and I am Rosario. Today, when I turned on the television and when I turned on the computer, I found that a large number of local and national media are covering this news that has shocked not only the United States and the world, but especially my city.

In Rosario, the businessman Ariel Erlij, was known to many, as he owned a metallurgical company and was a partner in the Metropilitano Industrial Park of this city. Father of a family and lover of the Rosario Central soccer team, Hernán also had a great heart, as he had paid for the trip of two of his friends who, for different reasons, could not pay in full.

Today, condolences towards the relatives of the five Rosario victims abound on social networks, from people who did not even know them, to national and local authorities, family members and friends. An unfortunate event in which the Government still has much to investigate. Force the families of the victims!

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