5 Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February 14 is a day to celebrate with your husband, children, friends and family, without spending a lot of money. Here are some craft ideas that you can give to your loved ones.

February 14 is a date where many people celebrate the day of love and friendship. It is an opportunity to show your partner, family and friends how important they are in your life, which is full of good moments and memories that passed throughout a year.

The media have made this celebration a day of consumerism, but I believe that the goal of celebrating Valentine’s Day is to spend incredible moments with loved ones, and whether you are married or single, this day should not go unnoticed.

As in any celebration, there is the option of giving or not a gift to a loved one. But be careful, because on these dates the shopping centers raise prices as much or more, as if it were a Christmas sale. Think that the ideal gift for that person you love does not need to cost too much money. Here I propose some ideas that will activate your creativity when it comes to showing your love and affection, so take note.

1. Trunk of memories

Create a trunk of memories of the great moments you have spent together. You can include photos, experiences, letters, sweets, movies, postcards and favorite characters, even the music that brings you the most memories. To do this, you will have to get cardboard and then cut and decorate as a trunk. Customize it using colors, markers, stamps, buttons, dry soup, seeds, diamond, etc. Let your imagination fly.

2. Surprise boxes

No one knows your partner better than you, their tastes and hobbies. That is why I propose that you surprise him by making a personalized surprise box of a moment that you want to spend together, such as watching a movie at home. Give the box a name, such as: “Special box for watching movies”, inside it you can add popcorn, candy, movies, a canned drink, some slippers and a blanket. The idea is to celebrate together. You can also make several more, such as: “Surprise box for a picnic” or “Surprise box for a day at the beach or in the woods.” Use your imagination.

3. Agenda of love

To carry out this idea you can make a calendar for the whole year, adding your most romantic photos in the company of your husband. It can be the size you want; you can digitize, print, string and decorate it however you want. This idea is complemented by putting on each special day that they have had or will happen in the year, a reminder of it: it can be a message, a phrase, the lyrics of a song or a poem that reminds you of their love all year long.

4. A different way of eating

This idea is great for you who are a mom with young children. Give them a lunch box for their lunch at school; You can recycle the boxes of the sushi, the supermarket or buy colored cardboard to make it. You can also buy some cute colored cellophane bags and put their favorite food in them, with their favorite toys or sweets. Another idea is to customize the plastic containers that they commonly use to carry their lunches; Add a palette with a velvet heart named after them, your kids will learn a valuable lesson in friendship and love.

5. Heart pillow

There is nothing as romantic as sleeping thinking about your loved one; So here is your chance for your husband to think of you every night by seeing and wearing his heart pillow with your name on it. Buy red velvet fabric and cut out two large hearts, then sew them together and fill them with foam, polyester, or acrylic; they are easy to get and very inexpensive. Embroider your name and dedicate it: “With all my love”, it is a great detail that will reinforce the love of a couple.

As a wife, you must remember this date not for consuming or spending money, but for the love of your husband, your children and your family that is invaluable. Not only this day is it important to give something, I recommend that any day of the year, celebrate with your partner and surprise him with ideas made by you.

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