5 Excesses That Destroy Your Relationships Leaving You With The Shadows Of What Could Be

Many times relationships do not work not because of a lack of chemistry, but because of our excesses. How to start a relationship on the right foot? Keep reading!

One of the most beautiful stages of love is the beginning, those moments where we get excited with a kiss, a touch or the mere possibility of a meeting. We feel like conquerors in a virgin territory and it is undeniable that we fully enjoy everything it has to offer.

Everything revolves around letting ourselves be carried away by joy, desire, the idealization of having someone in front of us with so many things in common. Euphoric and fortunate, we allow ourselves the luxury of allowing our hearts to speak, and there is no other voice than the one that constantly whispers the name of the person we love in our thoughts.

This is how falling in love is, and we can do nothing to fight it, once our brain has given way to emotions. However, there is always a but, and in this case that but consists of the excesses we commit in an effort to ensure that that newly found rough diamond does not get out of hand.

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Many times relationships do not work not because of a lack of chemistry, but because of our excesses. How to start a relationship on the right foot?

Keep privacy

Many people start dating and soon make it out of the public domain by putting unnecessary extra pressure on the relationship. It is better to give yourself the space to enjoy and know each other, and when things are established, then, show off your love.

Don’t suffocate it

We all love attention, but there is a fine line between pushing yourself and harassing you. It’s not that you’re playing hard, but it’s not that you seem desperate. For every step you take in his direction, expect him to do the same to get closer to you, because if only you move forward, it is a bad sign.

Do not rush

Do not talk about feelings, better give the feelings the opportunity to express themselves, so there will be no doubts about the veracity of what they are living. Love is not pretty words, love is more than anything the sum of experiences.

Live the moment

That means don’t hold onto the past, or bring it into your life. Nor do you go making plans for the future when you are just starting. Be honest, take the time, be loving, and let chemistry, common interests, and love itself mark the way forward.

Be yourself

It is normal that in the desire to conquer that person we show our best face, but it is essential that you stay true to yourself and who you really are. Otherwise it would be like lying and lying to you, and a relationship based on lies never goes far.

Love is a wonderful trip and like all trips the scene changes from time to time, the important thing is not to lose sight of the direction in which you want to go, it does not matter if you are just starting or have been together for a long time, if you are not aware of where you go, it is easy to lose your way. One step at a time and what better way to start it on the right foot.

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