5 Daily Habits You Should Put Into Practice To Stop Feeling Fatigued And Start The Day Well Energized

It’s not just about drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. Our body needs much more than that. Do you dare to put these habits into practice?

Sleeping poorly at night or not completing the necessary hours of sleep can make us feel very fatigued in the morning. That fatigue can last all day and translates into poor performance in our tasks. According to Mail Online, with some simple daily habits you can not only feel more energized during the day, but it will bring great benefits to your health.

The hustle and bustle of daily life does not leave us too much recreation for leisure. Added to that, some people choose to lie in bed and check their phones before going to sleep. Far from making you sleepy, this wakes you up even more. Thus, among other causes, the energy level goes down, as in the famous game The Sims. The ideal is to focus on those little things in everyday life that give us a chance to increase our performance and that make us rest better at night. Thus, the benefit for our physical and mental health will be optimal.

Tiredness, the enemy of health

Being tired all the time can bring us various complications not only to our health but to our interpersonal relationships and social life in general. The site Salud 180 reveals a series of consequences that lead to accumulated fatigue in people:

  • Irritability

  • Depression

  • Loss of concentration

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

It is important, if we want to take care of our health, be alert to these symptoms that indicate that we feel tired and exhausted. But also, we can make some changes in our life to improve performance.

5 habits that improve and increase your energy

1. Maintain a sleep habit

It is true that we must sleep the obligatory 8 hours that will make the body rest enough. However, you will hear people who say they need at least 9-10 hours, and others admit that with 6 hours of sleep a day they feel optimal. The number of hours can be closely relative, but even more important is to get used to a daily routine, to a sleep habit that you can follow on a daily basis.

We all have an internal clock that habituates us to follow a certain rhythm of sleep and wakefulness during the day. According to Mail Online and according to sleep expert Sammy Margo, “Disrupting this ancient sleep-wake cycle can enlarge our waist size and make us prone to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.”

Also, according to some studies, students with more regular sleep patterns, on average, have better school grades. While it was also found that sleeping less than six hours a night on a regular basis can cause the same long-term harm as alcohol abuse.

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2. Put aside the screen

We cannot imagine a world without technology. Carrying the cell phone to bed is a very daily habit for many people. And surely you wonder why when you read a book before going to sleep the dream gradually catches you, while if you accuse yourself with your cell phone you remain insomniac. This has a scientific explanation.

Blue light, emitted from digital devices, reduces melatonin levels and interrupts our sleep, since this hormone is in charge of regulating the sleep clock. A team from the University of Houston College of Optometry found that people who wore glasses that blocked short wavelengths, such as cell phones, for three hours before going to bed for two weeks saw a 58% increase in your nightly melatonin levels. This made them fall asleep faster and better, increasing their sleep duration by 24 minutes per night.

Therefore, in addition to putting the screen aside before bed, it is good to reduce its use a few hours before bedtime. Also, to avoid blue light radiation, screen filters or glasses can be fitted. At bedtime, it is best to relax, read a good book to clear your mind and turn off your cell phone.

3. Eat breakfast

It seems obvious; of course we must have breakfast. But not all people do. And skipping breakfast lowers our performance greatly. But also, it is not about having breakfast just anything, because it depends on what you eat for breakfast is how you will feel during the rest of the day.

Eating pastry products like a croissant or sugary cereals for breakfast can make you feel tired again in the middle of the day. That’s because you’ve had quick-release carbohydrates for breakfast. Sugar quickly goes into your bloodstream and then you feel the need to keep eating something, which increases your chances of obesity and diabetes. Instead, eating healthier meals for breakfast will make you feel more satiated. Slow-release blood sugar foods are the ones that keep your sugar levels more even between meals and won’t leave you wanting to binge.

The ideal is to start the day with a breakfast with proteins, fruits and nuts, according to the TSM Sports portal.

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4. Drink flavored water

We know that for the body to perform fully it is ideal to be well hydrated. But not everyone likes to drink water or is not used to it. However, it is a habit that should be instilled from a young age, since when the body lacks hydration, fatigue becomes more evident. Approximately, an adult needs about 2 liters of water per day on average to maintain optimal vital functions and feel healthy.

For those people who find it very difficult to get to drink those 2 liters or more of water, a good option is to flavor it with natural fruit juices. The flavored waters on the market are not worth it, as they are full of chemicals and colorants. The ideal is to use juices of the fruits or vegetables that we like the most and mix them with the water, to make sure we stay well hydrated during the day. Also, many vegetables and fruits have diuretic properties, so the benefit is greater.

5. Get more exercise

No, it’s not a joke. If you want to feel less tired during the day, you should do more physical exercise. I have checked it; the day I do my dance class I feel completely energized; it is a beautiful “weariness.” But when I am too still all day it seems that fatigue takes hold of me.

You don’t have to do big exercise routines. By walking a little more than usual, riding the bicycle, or dancing while we cook, our body will get in motion enough to start moving the gears that will make us feel better. Let’s move!

If you notice that you lead a healthy life, that your habits also correspond to it and that, even so, you feel fatigued during the day, do not forget to consult your doctor, who will do the corresponding check-up to assess your health. In the meantime, follow the tips to stay invigorated and not let fatigue get the better of you.

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