5 Attitudes That Will Attract Positive Things For You This Year

When you feel gratitude in your heart, your life changes completely.

When a year is about to begin, our energies are renewed, hope resurfaces in the heart and the desire to do new things fills us with optimism. The calendar will not magically mark a before and after in your life, but if there is someone who can do it for you, it is you.

The best way to attract positive things into our life is to be grateful. When gratitude is part of our life, everything starts to work. And it is no coincidence. It is a way of seeing the positive things in each step we take.

Gratitude as a way of life

If instead of complaining that the food is cold or has no salt, you concentrate on being grateful for the plate of food in front of you, your perception of life begins to change, and with it your destiny.

We make the destination ourselves, when we walk. For although there is a superior force that guides us and protects us, we are makers of our path as long as we have the power to decide how to act.

When we are grateful for everything around us, something begins to change. It is not about giving thanks for what we expected. But to be grateful for the little things that arise in our lives and that make our daily lives a unique moment.

The water that comes out of the tap. A warm bed to sleep in. The laughter of your children. Your mother’s hug. Things we get so used to that we can’t remember to thank.

Gratitude and health effects

According to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyConducted by psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCollough, gratitude has positive effects on health.

The experts analyzed the different ways of giving thanks and concluded that those people who made gratitude a habit felt happier, were more optimistic, lower stress levels and improved their relationships with other people.

The most beneficial thing is the fact that gratitude makes people feel happier and this has a large impact on general health. In addition, being grateful makes us attract more positive things into our life, which makes us more successful.

5 attitudes that attract success to your life

If feeling gratitude makes us happy, there are certain attitudes that you can cultivate in your day to day so that being grateful is a habit of life and not just a feeling that appears when you expected to receive something.

When you thank life, the people around you, and God, you see life through the crystal of optimism. And here are some everyday attitudes that you can start practicing so that you start the year attracting good things.

1 Thank when you wake up

The rays of sun that bathe your face. The caress of your children in the morning. Your husband’s greeting when he goes to work. Every morning is a new opportunity to feel alive, and grateful for it.

2 Express your love

Don’t tire of telling the people you love how lucky you are to have them in your life. Every day is a gift, and therefore it is called a present. Seize it. Tell your loved ones how much you love them. You will never know when the last day you have them with you will be.

3 Write a list of what you are grateful for

You can do it every day. Your children, your new job, your home, having your parents alive. Everything that makes our hearts happy counts. Visualizing it in a list will make us feel positive reinforcing that feeling of gratitude.

4 Be a volunteer

Practicing charity by volunteering is an altruistic act that will take your consciousness to another level. Having the opportunity to help is as rewarding as receiving that help. When you give, the gift is your time, your dedication and the effort you put into helping others. When you help you are thanking life for everything you have and for what you can contribute to others.

5 Reinforce your appreciation with facts

In addition to feeling grateful and saying it in words, it is necessary to demonstrate it with deeds. Returning the gesture is an act of immense gratitude that makes us feel good and fills us with happiness. When you help someone, when you lend your ear, when you put something of yourself, you are putting into action that gratitude that you feel towards those who have helped you in life.

Start the year with gratitude for it to impact your life

Being grateful makes us aware of the world around us. It allows us to expand our vision of the objectives and certainly fight for what we deserve.

Focusing on all the good things we have will make us happy to achieve everything we set out to do.

Start your day giving thanks and you will see how everything around you is transformed, and how you will attract everything positive into your life. For in a clean and grateful heart there is no room for failure.

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